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Apparently 3 of my neighbours have “had a meeting” to discuss my business and the fact that they don’t like all the cars parked around my house.

2 in my driveway

2 directly outside my house

That leaves 3 other cars that need to park somewhere.

These people are strange. They park outside my house all the bloody time! On weekends, there is ALWAYS a car outside my house AND one directly opposite my driveway which makes it pretty tricky to get in and out of.

I’m stunned. Really. It’s not like we have any TRAFFIC happening here. My guys park in the morning and leave in the afternoon. We don’t “come and go” and we don’t have clients coming and going all day either.

But I have to put up with their yelping dogs, their wild parties, their loud drum practices and their bloody screaming children ALL THE TIME!

They must just DARE complain or challenge me – I’ll let rip on YEARS of frustration about the noise pollution I’ve had to put up with.

I’m so hacked. Grrrr …

I’ve been *thinking* about moving to a quieter place with a whole lot more space and parking but now I *seriously* want to move from this area. FAST.