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Because I’m too tired to write anything remotely coherent today …

  • Don’t feel like working – my brain is on a go slow.
  • Hitting the gym again today – my shoulder is much better so I can train hard but I’m pooped!
  • Took measurements again – no change yet except for a 3cm increase on my bust size. Um, ok!?
  • Last night’s tweetup at Relish was good 🙂
  • “I look so gay right now in my white shoes, drinking my Gin & Tonic and smoking my menthols” – Sir G
  • I’m SUCH a lucky cow_grrrl – my Mom and Dad have decided to buy me the digital drums for my birthday!
  • Green with envy – the kids are off to Joburg tomorrow with their Dad to watch Top Gear Live.
  • This is why I prefer cats: