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No … not me … for a change 🙂

This time, it’s mah kitteh!

Shame man, the older one, Ollie, got into a fight and came home last night with a hole in his head! So I rushed him off to the vet (luckily Sir G was here to give me a hand with him in the car). A quick 750 ronds later (ouch!), he was all shaved, cleaned and injected with antibiotics and I brought him home again.

He’s going to be fine but he’s not allowed to go outside until the wound closes up and startes healing properly, so I have to keep him in my room for now. Of course, that means zero air ‘coz I can’t open the windows and the only work around is to stick him in the cat cage when I need to open the window.

He’s not a happy Ollie Cat! And sjoe, this breaks my heart …