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Only 2 more sleeps my friends, and then I’m off to Durbs to spend the weekend with Cath at the abode formerly known as The Shath, SheBee, B and some others perhaps …

I’m really, really, REALLY excited 😀

Raaaight, what does cow_grrrl need to get done before then?

  1. Find um suitcase to transport copious amounts of stuffs. I’m a bit of a girl scout – Always Prepared – so I’m bound to want to take the kitchen sink, plus the double door fridge and 10kg top loader washing machine … just in case, you understand?
    >> DONE … surprised actually. I thought the X had taken all the luggage from the sets we bought 4 years ago but I see he’s left me with a suitcase. Sweet.
  2. Buy a very special little something for a very special little girl. Cam baby, Suetjie’s got a treat for you angel w00t!
    >> DONE
  3. Get my newly repaired N95 up and running again so I can upload pics straight to twitpic. My E65 has decide that there’s no way in hell it’s gonna open my image gallery, so I can’t really use it up there. I want to document and capture EVERYTHING hehehe …
    >> DONE but this was a bitch … PC Suite has decided that it’s just actually not going to synch my phone with Outlook. Bah! Had to do some laborious backwardsing and forwardsing between E65 and N95 to get my Contacts loaded up. As for my Notes and Calendar and stuff … no luck!
    >> UPDATE 1: I’ve sorted out the PC Suite synching problem!! Silly thing was getting itself all tangled up on the Bookmarks, so I’ve just excluded that from the synch and it now works like da bomb!
    >> UPDATE 2: How cool is this? I’ve got my N95 setup so that I can automatically upload a photo I’ve just taken directly to my flickr account straight from the camera interface … w00t!!
  4. Get my new little MSI Wind talking to Vodacom’s 3G. I need to go and buy a modem thingymajig OR I can try hooking up to my other phone – I have a spare SIM ready to roll. That may be a better plan.
    >> DONE … I’m a GENIUS!!! Mmk, I couldn’t get it working with my E65 (that phone is seriously fuxored), but I got it all sorted via Bluetooth with my N95, which is just fanTAStic!!! Yaay – I’m now 100% mobile 😀 Of course, the only drawback to this setup is I can’t actually *use* the phone while I’m online, but tough titties! I’ll make another plan when I’m back and I have more time.
  5. Decide what clothing to take. SHIT! It’s probably going to be hot hey? Hmmmm … that presents a minor problem – all my summer clothes are a wee bit on the small side. Kuk, now what? Urgh … I’m just going to have to squeeze my-now-8kg-overweightness-self into them. Muffin tops FTW!
    >> NOT DONE
  6. Make sure all my laundry has been washed and ironed by tomorrow afternoon.
    >> DONE … my beloved Cha Lady is a SUPER STAR!!
  7. Arrange supervision for The Motley Crue (kids, cats, dogs) while I’m away. Mother to the rescue!
    >> DONE
  8. Make sure there’s enough grub in the house to feed said Motley Crue.
    >> NOT DONE
  9. Get my roots darkened to match the rest of my hair (I have the opposite colour problem to most people hehe) … I want to make a good impression you know! Mmk, this may not happen – I really don’t think there’ll be time, unless I can do it this afternoon.
    >> NOT DONE. And it’s not going to get done either. Durban will just have to put up with my blonde roots wah!
  10. Make sure that my team can survive Friday afternoon without me (of course they can!) – I must just ensure that they all know what needs to be done before the end of the day.
    >> DONE. It’s a big day – we close our site applications for the year!! Thank GOODNESS … sheesh, we’ve got in 20 in just one day today! Yeowza – some long days coming up for us before we close up shop.
  11. Work like a demon so that everything I need to plan/code/design/pay/organise/review etc is done and dusted before Friday.
    >> IN PROGRESS … and rocking it!
  12. Charge and synch up my iPod for the flights.
    >> DONE. But what a flipping mission! iTunes decided that there wasn’t enough space on my 60Gig iPod for all my music so I had to sift through everything and delete a whole bunch of stuff before I could synch. And then it took the whole night to update! Anyway, at least it’s now sorted, but I have zip, zero, nadda space left on my iPod for anything else. Bah!
  13. Draw money 1) to take with me (how much, I wonder?) 2) to leave with my Mom and the boys.
    >> DONE. Yes, yes, I *know* they have ATM’s in Durban, but I still like to have some cash on me. Just in case …
  14. Make a note to take: phone charger, toothbrush, medication and the Important Envelopes. Yes, I have to write down all this shit or I’m bound to forget SOMETHING!
    >> DONE
  15. Organise lift to the airport on Friday … Sir G / Mother / whoever is available
    >> DONE … thank you Sir G. Hope you don’t get lost on the way back!
  16. Organise lift back home from the airport on Sunday … again, whoever can fetch me, that would be great. Muchos gracias!
    >> DONE … I shall be greeted by Mother and The Offspring 🙂
  17. Hide car keys from Son#1 Wah!!
    >> NOT DONE
  18. Try not to think about all the episodes of National Geographic’s Aircrash Investigation I’ve watched recently! Erk.
    >> DONE. Pfft …
  19. Remind myself not to stress about traveling alone. Gulp. Actually … that’s not entirely true. I made my way over to Europe and back when I was 18 (but I think I was too young and naive to comprehend any real dangers), to go and stay with my Mom in the circus for a few months. On the flight over there, I somehow landed up in the cockpit, chatting to the pilot but as to why and how that happened exactly, I seriously can’t remember. One thing I do remember about the trip though, is tearing around the streets of Milan at night while I closed my eyes and prayed that we wouldn’t collide with any of the other maniacs on the road, trying to ignore not only the ridiculously scary traffic, but also the rather agitated looking Black Panther seated next to me in the car. I shit you not.
    >> DONE. I’m a big girl, I’ll be fine 🙂
  20. Make a list of all things I must remember to do before I go! Yes, I’m big on lists – can’t survive without them …
    >> DONE

Crap … that’s a LOT of stuff >> NOT DONE !

What have I forgotten???? There must be *something* …

Can you tell I haven’t done this before? 😀