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So our New Guy started today. Officially.

He’s actually been coming in to the office for a couple of weeks now, completely voluntarily, to learn, learn, learn!! And I don’t think he even has a car – he’s been braving the shitty Cape Town weather, using public transport and walking …

Man oh man – I just dig this chap’s attitude so fricken much!

Here’s someone who has ZERO web experience and could only understand *very* basic HTML when he arrived for his interview in the middle of last month. But sheesh, since he’s been coming in every day he has learned an amazing amount and improved SO much. He has made staggering progress because he is just plain HUNGRY!

He is ridiculously enthusiastic about being here, about being given the opportunity to do something he’s interested in, about working in our rather intimate and casual environment and I’m crazy happy to accommodate him. I love doing that for people – giving them a leg up, a foot in the door and a chance to do what they are talented at 🙂

Anyway, so I haven’t *really* had a chance to chat to him much yet (my bad) – I tasked Sir G with handling his interview, practical and basic training (which he’s done just brilliantly, BTW) – and today was the first time I really got to spend a bit of time with our New Guy. I went into the office to welcome him … blah blah blah … and said to him: “You seem to be very comfortable here already, I hope you’re happy with us”, to which he replied: “Yes, I am VERY happy! I would walk through SNOW to get here!!”

I mean *really* now!!! What more could I ask for 😀

Stoked. The team is growing and things are moving. At last!

Bonus: he’s a trained fire fighter, so if I accidentally toss another live smoke-end into the bin, help is at hand waha!