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In a nutshell? BLEGH.

Hrmph … it’s my weekend off again¬† the kids are with their dad until this afternoon. Before they left on Friday night, I was honestly looking forward to some time alone, some time to myself when I didn’t have to worry about anyone else for a change, time to get a whole lot of stuff done around the house that I’ve been postponing for bloody ages.

I thought that after the craziness of the last 2 weeks I would really enjoy having some “space” for a change. I was feeling terribly claustrophobic. I tend to get a bit overwhelmed with having people around me 24/7 if I don’t get a regular break from that. That break normally comes on Thursday evenings when the kids go to their dad for the night, but it didn’t happen this last Thursday (again) and so by Friday I was ready to self-combust. I totally needed time to myself!

So, here I am, alone at home on the weekend. And it sucks.

What is it with me? I need space and time to myself and yet, when I get that, I feel lonely and miserable? Fuckit. It’s so confusing …

As for trying to get stuff done? Well, I’ve bombed out on that one so far. The only thing I managed to do was move a bookshelf and organize my collection of business and computer books. Oh yay.

What else did I do yesterday?

Mmk, well in between lurking on Twitter all day as usual, I sat outside in the garden for an hour with a cup of tea, enjoying a bit of sunshine. There was an airshow happening so there was lots of activity in the sky, which I normally quite enjoy but I nearly had a heart attack yesterday when one of the planes flew so fricken low, I thought it was going to clip my roof! I’ve no idea what it was – a big grey specimen of some kind.

I went back inside and looked at all the boxes and shit lying around my room and decided I just didn’t have the energy to face trying to clean that lot up. (What’s new right?)

Back on Twitter, I learned that the ANC had decided to ask Thabo Mbeki to resign as President. Wow, that shocked me a bit. Can they do that? I mean, don’t the rest of us have a say? It struck me again that I know so little about South African politics these days. I guess that’s what happens when you live with your head up your own arse under a rock for 3 years … I need to start catching up again. I’m feeling very stupid in that department.

I read a chapter of my book and passed out for an hour, only to be rudely woken up by the shrieking kids next door who like to scream at the top of their lungs as they drive up and down their driveway on plastic motorbikes. Do you have ANY idea how loud and annoying that is? And their mother, who has this horribly high-pitched whiney voice, spends just about all day shouting at them. Yusee … I’m seriously considering moving, just to get away from them!

Then I got a frantic call from the X to say that Son#1 was MIA (had been since Friday night) and to ask me if I knew of his whereabouts. So I spent a few hours trying to track down Son#1 with no luck. His dad eventually found him at the Brass Bell in Kalk Bay, FFS!

Needless to say, I was seething after that. And very upset … I don’t know the full story yet, I’ll find out when the kids get home this afternoon. Shit.

Then I caught the end of the Liverpool game and was extremely disappointed to see that they hadn’t managed to score at home against Stoke. Bah. (I can only hope and pray that Chelsea don’t win against Man U today or the log’s going to go for a ball of crap!)

And then what? Oh yeah, tried to read a bit more, but felt my eyes getting heavy again so I canned that idea and tackled some knitting.

Big mistake … I’m picking up on a jersey that I started last year and I’m completely bloody lost! Not only on where I am in the pattern, but the stitch is pretty damn complicated so I’m really struggling to get it all together. Actually, I managed to completely cock it up so I had to pull all my work out. Grrrr

By that time it was pretty late and I was feeling horribly depressed about sitting at home alone KNITTING on a Saturday night (AND about devouring a whole bag of Chuckles). Eish …. So I knocked myself out with a sleeping pill and had a disgusting night’s sleep. I think I woke up about 6 times, thanks to some revolting nightmares. Yip, they’re back!

So, how’s that? Pretty edge-of-your-seat stuff hey? *cringe*

Anyhoo, it’s Sunday now, midday, and I’m sitting in my room wondering what to do. I’m feeling so lazy. I should make a start on my room but I get tired just thinking about it!! Sheesh … I’m ridiculously bored.

Perhaps I should just throw all the clothes and stuff on my bed and then I’ll be *forced* to deal with them!? Yeah, mmk, that’s what I’ll do. I’m either being very clever or very stupid now wah!

Off I go …