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Another meme thingy.

This time I’ve been tagged by my angel-wing-wearing-poetic-beauty-always-in-my-thoughts-friend, Cath (mwah xxx)

This here meme’s rules are as follows …

* Post at least five current addictions and why you’re addicted to them
* Link to the creator of the meme (Being Brazen) and to the person who tagged you
* Head your post with “Current addictions”
* Tag at least two people and pass on the above rules

WARNING: I’m sorry, but my addictions are not fun and entertaining – they are very much not-so-good things that I, rather shamefully, either cannot live without or have no control over.

Mmk … here goes:

  1. Cigarettes. The most obvious I guess. I am never without my Kent Menthols.
  2. Sleeping pills. I have to take a half a sleeping tab each night or I don’t sleep.
  3. Liviton. I absolutely cannot wake up in the mornings without taking a few swigs of this stuff. No 2 has an annoying hangover side-effect.
  4. Panado. I think I would die of pain without these.
  5. Binge eating. Yip, I have a serious problem with night time “snacking”, induced by extreme boredom and loneliness.

Yeah, that wasn’t too amusing, hey? Meh.

Right, I’m tagging Sir G and linda