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Mmk, if you know me at all, you’ll know that one of the things I really struggle with is energy or rather, the lack thereof.

Yes, unfortunately for me, I have always suffered from fatigue. I am tired all the time – drained and listless (yes, even when I eat right and go to gym). It’s both mental and physical and it’s one of the reasons I don’t go out very much. In fact, I’m so wary of making any plans to do stuff because I just actually don’t know if I’ll have the energy to follow through!

Sucks. Big Time.

It’s not normal right? Fuck.

And it seems to be getting worse! Seriously, this weekend was horrible for me. I had planned to spring clean my room and start unpacking some of these insanely irritating boxes but I just couldn’t! For some reason, I was so totally ended, I couldn’t do a bloody thing 🙁 Especially yesterday – I napped 3 times during the day!! WTF?

I can’t seem to focus on anything, I can’t concentrate, I can hardly switch my brain on in the mornings and it’s getting me down so much. I am SO fricken bored!! Isn’t that ironic though? So bored and yet too tired to do anything, which just makes me even MORE bored. And lonely. And frustrated. And angry.

I’m only 37 and I’m living like an 87-year old! Do you have ANY idea how dull that is?

At this stage, I’m ready to snort coffee granules, if that will help.