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Yip, it was just PMS … HURRAH!

It’s always *such* a relief to know that I haven’t suddenly turned into Rose West wah!

And it’s Friday – yes please 😀

Yeah, looking back on this week I can DEFINITELY see progress in the right direction, on ALL fronts. Despite my really crappy mood for the last few days, it’s been a ripper!

I am SO getting my shit together …

HUGE thank you’s to all those who’ve dived in to help me, inspired me and kicked my butt! You know who you are 🙂

Right now, the DSTV chap is busy installing my new PVR! That’s so cool – I can’t WAIT!! No more Disney Channel Torture hehe. Stoked. Mom’s getting her *own* channel!

And the guy who’s gonna be doing my shelving is coming just now to have a look and sort that out for me – I’ll FINALLY be able to unpack all my books from their boxes.

The sun is out in Cape Town today – at last! It’s still a little chilly, but I think we could possibly hit the 20 degree mark soon. Brilliant.

And to top it all off – NO HEADACHE … HAH!

My task list is huge today … I *laugh* at my task list … Hahahahahaha! Bring it baby!

Today’s a good day my friends. I’m vibing 😀