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Again. The clinic. Does not. Communicate.

The last time I was there, on Tuesday, the counselors basically asked Son#1 to leave for 36 hours, to think about what he’d done, and go back there with a contract that they would read, accept and then he’d be allowed to stay on as an out-patient.

So I get there this evening and ask: “What’s happening boy?”

Son#1: “Well, I’m here!”

Me: “And what about the contract? Was it ok”

Son#1: “They didn’t want to see it, they wouldn’t let me read it to them. I couldn’t even get past the first paragraph”

Me: “HUH?”

Son#1: “Ja, they weren’t interested in that OR the homework I did that took me bloody hours, so I threw it all away.”

Me: “Wait a minute … the condition for you coming back here was that you present them with a contract they could read and sign.”

Son#1: “Exactly, go figure!”

Me: “So … I’m really confused …”

Son#1: “Me too! I don’t even know if I’m supposed to BE here!!!”

Bloody hell!!

They didn’t even bother to call me to tell me what was going on! I was fully expecting to fetch him this evening because he’s supposed to be an outpatient now and nobody seems to know what’s up. Dammit, this place is pissing me off with their attitude!

Anyway, I told Son#1 he needs to sort this out with them tomorrow before he comes home and goes to his dad for the weekend. And guess what he came back with … “No way Mom, these people don’t listen!!” (Sound familiar?)

So I suggested he write down all his frustrations – about not being heard, about thinking they don’t care, about them dismissing his feelings, etc. – so that he can approach them tomorrow with a clear head and a plan for how to deal with their (and I quote) “childishness”.

Honestly, I have no clue what they are up to, but right now my child is giving up because he sees THEM giving up and all wants to do is get out of there and get totally shit-faced!


He also made rumblings about not wanting to go to his dad (he really doesn’t like going there), that he wants to stay at home … I told him I have plans, that I need a break. Seriously, as much as I want him here at home, I desperately need this weekend to myself, and I need to have some fun for a change otherwise I am going to go mental!