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So this my 3rd taggy thingymajig …

The first one is here – 8 Personal Facts (TMI warning)

And the second one is here – 7 Interesting Things About Me (x 2 ‘cos I was tagged twice)

[ I was tagged for Rocking the Daisies, but I think the poor daisies are long dead! ]

Now, here’s the latest, via Cath

My Workspace – what I look at everyday:

I work in the house, in the dining room. My team is in the office outside.
I have to work alone – I get way too distracted otherwise.

My mug – Sir G gave it to me. My smokes are always within easy reach …

My ever-present bottle of water that I refill about 4 x a day, my purse and
my new CD, which turned out to be a waste of time.

My desktop.

The view just past my iMac, through to the lounge.
Those are my printers and one of my backup machines on the left.

Looking to my left. Note my gym equipment being used as a drying rack haha 🙂

And over to my right. That goes through my kitchen and the backdoor.

One times plant, in desperate need of some H2O. That’s my heater – I’d freeze without it!

Another very parched plant …

Mmk – that’s it! I’m not tagging anyone with this – it’s already been around the block,
I was just a bit slow on the uptake.