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We have just reached a point where the pieces don’t fit anymore …

By mutual decision and agreement, Sir G and I have extricated ourselves from a personal relationship that is not doing either of us any good right now. We each feel that we are not getting what we want and need from being together at this point in time and we’ve realised that we can’t rely on each other for sustained happiness. This is true.

We need time and space apart to find our own lights, to reconnect with the outside world and our inner selves. Sir G feels like he’s lost himself a bit and I know I need to rebuild my life. I need to focus on me and I need to focus on my kids.

As hard is it is right now – and yes, it feels painfully shitty – we both know that this is the right thing.

We are both struggling today, feeling a bit dazed and disorientated. Things are going to feel foreign for a while but in the long run, the breakup is best for us. On this we agree.

I know he loves me deeply. I love him more than I am able to show him.

There are no plans, no goals and no finish lines. We’ll just concentrate on our own individual personal lives for now and look forward to a brighter future unfolding … whatever it holds …