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Yip, that’s the truth about life … no-one gets out alive.

I told you this post was coming hehe =)

I watched The Bucket List a few days ago and thought it was “okay”. IMHO, it could have been made way shorter, but anyways, that’s not the point – this isn’t a movie review post.

*possible spoiler warning*

Although the moral of the movie’s story is that it’s all very well and good to go out and do all the stuff you dream about doing before you die, it all means absolutely SQUAT at the end of the day. What DOES mean something though, is family … having loved ones to share your heart and life with. And I have to agree – I’ve been both with and without “stuff”, money, things and the “good life” and in all honesty, I was never happier than when I had bugger all (and I DO mean bugger all!!) and just “a whole lotta lurve”, as Led Zeppelin would say =)

Still, it got me to thinking:

What do you want to do with your life?

Before now, I’ve never really given much thought to things that I absolutely want to do during my lifetime. Why is that? How is that some of us can just exist from day to day, oblivious of who we really are or what we really want? For me, there are many reasons for having avoided asking myself this question, for not giving it any real thought at all over the last two decades. I guess I was just happy with the status quo. Until now …

It’s taken me a long while since the awful (what an understatement) day I found out about HER to regain some of my strength and come to the point where I know I have to move forward and I’m finally able to start taking appropriate action.

I can’t get stuck again, I have to keep challenging myself, developing my mind and creativity, reaching out to more people, building a network of friends and associates, expanding my world and finding ways to feel happy and fulfilled. Part of all that, is thinking about what’s important to me and what I want out of life. I don’t just want to survive; I’m done with “just surviving”. It sucks; it doesn’t give you anything, nothing to look forward to and no hope.

Am I having a pre-midlife crisis? Perhaps …

So, with all that emo stuff said, what do I want to do before I die?

Let’s see … Here’s a few things to start with. Some of it is real pie in the sky thinking, but some of it is actually very do-able =)

  1. Learn to play the drums and guitar
  2. Compose a song, with heartfelt lyrics that are true to me
  3. Front a rock band with my incredible vocals and magnetic, extrovert personality (BWAHAHA!!)
  4. Learn how to salsa dance and put on a *spectacular* show
  5. Write a best selling book (best SELLING, not best WRITING *grin*)
  6. Unlock all the achievements in at least ONE Xbox game =)
  7. Set Mom and Dad up so they never have to work again or think about money
  8. Visit Las Vegas
  9. Throw a massive, over-the-top party, with all the trimmings, just for the hell of it!
  10. Watch a football match at Anfield
  11. Tour with the Proteas, preferably to the West Indies
  12. Cruise the Caribbean (yes, again – it was THAT awesome!) and this time, take my boys along for the trip
  13. Ride in a hot air balloon and see the landscape from a totally new perspective
  14. Donate an insane amount of money to a charity, completely anonymously
  15. Beat Son#1 at pool haha … and that’s with him NOT using his “wrong hand” LOL
  16. Learn to ice skate really well and spin, spin, spin
  17. Spend a day with Tommy Lee or Steven Wright
  18. Become a non-smoker, with ZERO mental discomfort
  19. Buy my dream home – a big house on the beach – and turn it into a magical, warm haven for my family
  20. Move my team into swish offices
  21. Retire in comfort at a (relatively) young age
  22. Stay at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai
  23. Paint again, and hang my art on the walls
  24. Create more jewellery and start selling it – perhaps turn that into a thriving business, along with some other crafts
  25. Learn to scuba dive and visit The Great Barrier Reef
  26. Take a spontaneous trip to wherever – just get in my car and go or drive to the airport, buy a ticket to any destination that takes my fancy and take off
  27. Make a room full of people laugh … on purpose!
  28. Be rid of my migraines – forever
  29. Organise all my photos and memorabilia into albums and scrap books for my kids
  30. See my beautiful and special children both grow up into loving, humble, happy and secure men

That’s a good start, I think =) I guess the next step is to draw up a Big Plan!

Now then … what about you?

What’s on YOUR bucket list?