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Holy Moly!! Only a few more hours to make sure all the weekly deadlines are met!

Jeesh, where does the time go, hey?

“Like smoke through a keyhole” – Edward Cole, The Bucket List.

Yeah, I watched that movie last night … so wait for the inevitable Bucket List post LOL =)

I’m feeling a bit better today. Physically, that is – I think my body is managing to kill the Bitch Bug inside me. The head pain has been reduced to a loud, annoying thump and I’m not aching all over anymore. I can see my monitor properly today and I can even swallow. (SheBee: stay AWAY from that one!!!)

Otherwise, I’m doing ok … not great, I must confess, but a tad more positive than yesterday. At least I managed to get a decent night’s sleep – a whole 8 hours on the trot! That’s a biggie for me. I haven’t slept that well in like forever.

To all those incredible people who contacted me with the most amazing offers of help yesterday … wow … wOw … WOW!!!  Bless you all xxx

Mmk, I have a LOT of catching up to do so I MUST get cracking now. Miss Boats is going to fire me if I don’t get my work finished today =)

*fires up iTunes* … The Slip looks like a good option.

Happy Fridayness =)