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I’ve decided I’m not happy with the functionality and design of the “headspace” part of this site. It’s my personal blog but I don’t think it’s really “me”. I don’t think it’s particularly user friendly either, some of the fonts are awful and it’s all a bit grim for me. I’m actually rather bored with it. I hate the fact that I’m using someone else’s design too – it feels I’m cheating.

I’ve been in the web industry for 10 years now and have never had to rely on a template created by someone else to generate a site, so I’m rather uncomfortable with the whole thing in general¬†and more specifically, I’m uneasy about not having the control that I’m used to. Alas, I don’t really have the time to teach myself how to create my own theme at the moment, although it’s something that I definitely want to do soon. (It doesn’t look all that difficult, but I’ll need a bit of free time to actually sit down and do it!) I think that being able to create unique WordPress themes and using them as a CMS will be a handy service to offer our Clients as well (along with about a gazillion other ideas I wish I had the time and energy for right now.) So, until I get around to tackling that challenge, I want to see if I can find another theme to use on this site.

It’s going to take while though – there are literally thousands of resources out there to wade through. A quick check on Google spits out these sites on the first couple of results pages:

So, I’ll be having a good look at them all and playing around till I find something a bit better than this one, something that’s more “me”. I also need to clean some stuff up – now that I’ve added a few new categories, I should move a few posts to more appropriate homes. I apologise in advance if things go a bit whacko over the next few weeks while I’m testing things out.

If my “headspace” becomes “warped” (!) in the near future, just smile and wave boys, smile and wave =)