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I’ve just read that the next Live update is going to happen soon, although no-one knows quite when. According to, details of the update have allegedly been leaked and although most of the update features will include unimportant stuff, there are one or two interesting developments. For me, the most significant one reads: “New payment methods for international users.”

OMG!! Are we FINALLY going to be able to pay for Live access and points directly through our consoles? I’m holding fingers and toes that this is true, that it’s going to become a reality at last. I know we don’t have proper broadband here and this is the reason for Microsoft not supporting Xbox Live in South Africa, but really! At least let us pay for access and buy points directly, and in our own curreny. Having to pretend I live in the UK so I can have access to Xbox Live is a pain. Not being able to buy points has also been a headache, although I’ve recently started using as they now accept credit cards online. It’s not ideal – I have to go through a bit of a lengthy process to actually get the points into my Live account, but at least it works. However, how awesome would it be to bypass all that time-consuming nonsense and be able to do it directly from my console?!

Gosh, I hope this really happens for us here in South Africa.