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My youngest was supposed to go back to school YESTERDAY and I didn’t know! He came running through to the office in a bit of a panic after a friend had phoned him to find out where he was. I checked the school website out and there it was – School resumes April 8. Aargh!!

How could I miss that? I spoke to them on the phone and sent an email with my sincerest apologies for such a dumbass mistake on my part. Jeesh, I feel so bad about it, and completely stupid! But I (wrongly) assumed that he would start next week, when his brother does. Perhaps not on the same day – it is a private school and their term dates are slightly different – but I figured it would at least be in the same week. I was going to check on the weekend and make sure …. Oh dear …. Anyway, the school didn’t seem too upset about it; the teacher on the phone had a bit of a giggle and the secretary replied to my email with appreciation and said they looked forward to seeing him tomorrow.

I really need to get organized so that crap like this doesn’t happen again, it’s completely not on!! I have a lot on my plate at the moment, juggling far too many balls and I think I just dropped one =(