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Sir G and I decided to spend Saturday afternoon at Kirstenbosch … reading, relaxing and just taking it easy for an hour or two. He took his camera along and snapped this shot of me (while I was trying to have a nap, lol.) I’m completely cameraphobic and I detest photos of myself, but this one ain’t too bad …


It’s been a pretty good week

  1. One VERY happy client who loved our mockup for her new site πŸ™‚
  2. Another client accepted our proposal w00t!
  3. Got in a few more exciting RFP’s too YAY
  4. justBcoz featured in MULTIPLE web galleries πŸ˜€
  5. Finalised the design for another new WordPress theme
  6. One of our internal projects is now coded and ready for data population YES!
  7. Took care of quite a lot of loathsome admin crap
  8. Received a voucher for Levi’s jeans – ROCKING!
  9. Upgraded to my long-awaited, spiffy new Nokia N97 πŸ™‚
  10. My Kalahari order, full of vampire delights, has been dispatched

And now … it’s the WEEEEEEEKEND baby!

Tonight is dinner with Sir G’s family to celebrate his mom’s birthday and tomorrow morning at 10am, I’m doing my first training session in forever – @BergenLarsen, don’t fail me, dude!

And then … who knows? Let’s see how things pan out …

Have a good one, everybody

Pics from Plett

So I drove up to Plett this last weekend with my boys and Sir G for a short stay at
Plettenberg Bay Game Reserve. Here are some photos from the trip …

I asked them why they wanted to take their pillows and blankets …
“It’s a little piece of home!”

Above is the covered patio where we had dinner on the first night and our breakfasts.

The accommodation:
(I absolutely DETEST this new open-bathroom trend. Sies!)

Sunrise on the last day …

Memorable moments …

… from my weekend stay at The Winston in Simon’s Town …

Opening the sliding door to reveal this spacious suite.

Parking off on the lounger on the pool deck to stare at the sea.

Being told by some random Pom Gran at the guest house:
“You look like a very beautiful version of Amy Winehouse!
And please don’t be offended – that’s a compliment – you’re rather striking and exotic.”
(Think I overdid the eyeliner!)

Relaxing on this incredibly comfortable couch to read my book.

Eating dinner on the deck at Seaforth Restaurant – the most perfect location I could have wished for.

Being treated to the SA Navy’s remarkable display of tracers and flares during Earth hour.

Looking up and marvelling at the awesome night sky.

Waking up ridiculously early and slipping outside to watch the sun rise.

Spotting my very first penguins and feeling like a real little kid about it.

Standing above Boulders Beach and feeling really lucky that I live in such a beautiful place on earth.