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Thank you for your honesty

You could have kept it from me. That would have been so easy.

Mmk, perhaps not … I seem to have acquired a new-found hyper-sensitivity for knowing when people are hiding information from me, or when things are not quite what they seem. My gut is working overtime lately, talking to me like never before.

Anyway, I just want to tell you that I am both pleased and proud. Not of what happened this weekend – that wasn’t good – but of you being strong enough to tell me about it. And for asking me to take you to an NA meeting immediately so you could get help dealing with it. That shows amazing spirit and maturity, and you are slowly but surely earning back my trust and respect … the two things that I once thought were lost forever.

So that’s where you are now. Being a grown up, accepting that this was a mistake you made and getting support from people who are intimately familiar with what you’re experiencing. I know you are confused about how you feel about it all and not too sure what to do, but you’ve made the right and wise choice for yourself tonight.

Thank you for your honesty. Thank you for being frank with me … from the bottom of my heart. I can deal with most most things, but deceit and deception are intolerable to me and I completely detest the barriers they create.

I love you