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Weekend assortment

I thought Saturday night was going to be dull, boring and tiresome and it totally lived up to my expectations. Throw shrieking kids, horrible bright lighting and some really awful music into the mix and it was all a bit of a nightmare! And the food, well, the bread was nice =) I couldn’t wait to get out of there. Shame, I guess I shouldn’t be too judgmental; apparently that was their first attempt at a potjie, so kudos for effort and bravery …

Yesterday was nice and relaxing. I’ve managed to get the lounge organized and looking half decent so we lit a fire and spent the afternoon watching the last day of the English Premier League. It was down to the wire – the whole league was to be decided from yesterday’s games – either Chelsea or Man United. Sir G is an avid Chelsea supporter, so I naturally took up Man U’s cause, just to irritate him =) Chelsea had to win their game and Man U had to either draw or lose theirs. Chelsea did not have a good day – they drew the game, they lost their captain, John Terry only 10 minutes into the game and Man U won.  These 2 teams face each other on the 21st in the UEFA Champion’s League in Moscow, so that should be a very interesting game to watch. It only starts at 9pm though. Hope I can stay awake.

After the soccer, we watched “The Pursuit of Happyness” with Will Smith and his little boy playing the leads. It’s a rather moving flick, based on a true story, of a man’s struggle to earn a living and look after his child. The story is simple, but the characterization is excellent, the writing and acting is stellar and the message is both hard hitting and inspiring. Some may think the message is about money buying happiness; I view it as being about pursuing a dream and not giving up, no matter how the odds are stacked against you. I also view it as a depiction of extreme bonding between father and son, and the sacrificing lengths a loving parent will go to, to nurture and provide the very best they can for their children. Will Smith give a fantastic performance in this movie, I highly recommend seeing it.

I am off to gym just now for the first time in 3 weeks – AAARGH!!! I am not looking forward to it at all. I think I am going to be really sore tomorrow. And the weather is revolting at the moment – it’s blowing a gale and raining and pretty chilly. It’s a “wild and woolly” day, as my darling, late gran would say =)