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Fried Daze. Not.

Mmk … normally, by the time Friday rolls around, I’d be completely ended and sitting here with a gaumless look on my face, unable to kick start my brain and struggling to be productive.

But today feels different. Dare I say it, because I’d hate to jinx it, but I *think* that I’m starting to gain some energy from exercising!!! I can’t add “and eating properly” to that because, well, I haven’t. Blegh.

So yeah, I suspect that the initial hurdle of being completely exhausted from training may now be a thing of the past … WOOHOO! I really hope that’s the case. If you’ve been reading me for any length of time, you’ll know that lack of energy is a very serious problem for me and that fatigue, combined with debilitating headaches makes yours truly a very unhappy camper most of the time. Speaking of which, I have also noticed that the frequency of my headaches is definitely subsiding. YAYNESS 😀

I just hope I don’t get sick now – I have both boys here at home, sick as dogs. Poor babies. Son#2 has tonsillitis and Son#1 has bronchitis AND gastro! Shamepies …

Right, I’m going to take full advantage of my energy today and dive into some work that’s seriously challenging my skills right now!

Happy Friday my friends and don’t forget:

Nothing worthwhile is gained without sacrifice – Martin Luther King.