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Weekend freeze, flames and cricket

The various weather forecasts I’ve had a look at all differ in the exact expected temperatures for the next couple of days, but they all agree on one thing – its going to be #&%^ cold!!

So I’m gonna be camped out right here, in front of the fire …

Doesn’t that look lovely?

Ok, so just *try* to imagine that the camera on my new little phone DOESN’T completely suck hehe …

I have a couple of DVDs to watch tonight – Juno and Jumper. I’ve heard that Juno is excellent, so I’m looking forward to that.

Tomorrow have a bit of coding to do, so that’ll keep my in front of my computer for a few hours and then I also have some papers to shuffle and accounts to sort out. Urgh, admin blows.

Apart from that, there’s cricket on YAAAY! It’s a 5 day test with South Africa vs England from Lords. We aren’t doing too well after wining the toss and electing to field first – England declared on 593/8 at the end of day 2 – but hopefully tomorrow will see us get off to a solid batting start so we can pile on the runs *fingers crossed*. We are REALLY going to have to bat a whole lot better than we bowled!! I have a sneaky suspicion that it may all end in a draw.

Oh, just by the by … I was trying to keep an eye on the match today while working, and it proved to be rather tiring and annoying having to jump up and check the action out on tv every few minutes, so I found a much better way of tracking the score. Online. This, after I asked if anyone knew of a good website that churned out live scores and was promptly reprimanded by SheBee and told to JFGI!! wahaha!! So I did =)

If you also want to track the cricket online, here’s the site I found. It’s pretty good, not too far behind the live action and the running commentary is quite entertaining too:

“Steyn to Sidebottom, no run, hah! Sidebottom has had enough of being peppered by Steyn and tries to swat a bouncer but only takes his eyes off the ball and misses, which has Steyn amused”

“Harris to Broad, OUT, timber! Broad goes for a meaty whip across the line, rather ugly, looking to work a full and flat delivery to midwicket but the ball turns ever so slightly and disturbs the furniture”

And then, sometime over the next 2 days, I’ll have to cut Son#1’s hair for school (he won’t let anyone else cut it) and psyche myself up for The Dreaded Weekly Grocery Shop … hoo boy!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Tshirt fun at

I’ve just placed my order for some awesome new Tees with springleap!

If you’re looking for some funky original designs, then you really need to check them out. And the website is great – it’s super easy to use and the registration, shopping and payment processes are very quick and quite painless.

I actually wanted to buy a whole bunch of springleap Tees to give to my staff, friends and family and I had no idea which designs to order (they are all great and I was spoilt for choice … ok, so I’m lazy!), so I contacted Eric, the man behind the business, and asked if he could assemble a surprise package for me and he agreed =) How cool is that?! I was super-impressed … and I just love surprises so I’m really looking forward to seeing what they put together for me.

Springleap also offers a gift delivery service, which I think is a grand idea! So, if you want to buy one of their great Tshirts for a friend, you can request that the order be delivered to them directly.

My overall impression of the site and service so far: easy, friendly and efficient … now we wait for delivery!

(If I have any suggestions for springleap, it would be for them to let me know when to expect delivery – I couldn’t see any info about that, but perhaps I just missed it?)

General hoo haa

I’ve had 7 hours sleep, so I’m doing a whole lot better today =) Sleeping pills and earplugs, that’s the trick! I have a teeny hangover from the tablet, but it’ll wear off soon (I hope).

Luckily, there was no power cut last night, so I didn’t miss any of LOST. Whew! And thank goodness I didn’t either – it was another mindblowingly awesome episode! Man, I love that show. It really sucks having to wait another whole 7 days to see what happens next.

I’m a bit sore from yesterday’s gym session, my butt in particular. My Personal Torturer really nailed my ass! Wait, that doesn’t sound too good. Oh well, you know what I mean …

It’s peeing down here in Cape Town today and freezing cold too. The bad news is that I have another leak in my roof. Yup, there’s no mistake, it’s definitely water dripping down onto my ceiling again. So I need to call the roof guys in pronto. Last year, I left it too long and there was so much water damage that my whole bedroom had to be gutted!

I didn’t do The Dreaded Weekly Grocery Shop yesterday, so now I’m going to have to brave the grotty weather to do something I could have done yesterday when it wasn’t raining cats and dogs. Serves me right for being The Queen of Procrastination. Seriously. I rule. When it comes to shopping or housework, I can out-delay, out-excuse and out-stall ANYONE!

Well, I’m off to wade through my Inbox – looks like I’ve won another 6 email lotteries overnight … yaaay.

Arb Quote: “The difference between erotic and kinky is that one uses a feather, the other uses the whole chicken.”


My quiet weekend

Yeah, I know … what’s new, right?

Anyway, Saturday was a really crappy day for me – you can read more about that here if it boils your veggies. Turns out the shrieking kids were having a birthday party, so I felt a bit bad about feeling so irritated when I heard them all singing Happy Birthday! But then later, the little brats decided to entertain themselves by climbing over the side wall, scream “HELLOOOOOOO!”, like they were trying to get my attention, and then toss their sweets and lollipops into my garden. Jeesh … the dogs were going crazy, the cats were scared out of their minds and I nearly lost it. After about half and hour of this, I sent my stern booming teacher voice out the window and asked them to please stop. Silence. Whew.

I was as grumpy as all hell that day. Sir G was going to come around that afternoon but I told him that I needed to be alone; I just really didn’t feel like company at all. I think he was pissed – I didn’t hear from him again- he doesn’t like it when I don’t give him enough notice about these things …

Later in the day, I did my mom’s taxi stint for the boys and then realized I’d forgotten a few essential grocery items and that my newspaper hadn’t been delivered AGAIN, so I reluctantly pulled into the Spar, grabbed what I needed and hurried out of there before I could ram my trolly up someone’s bum. I then discovered that my grumpy mood was all thanks to PMS – ok, so that’s more info than you needed to know, but I was relieved to know I wasn’t turning into The Crazy Old Cat Lady Down The Road That Everyone Avoids. I spent the rest of the day trying to relax by reading the paper and finishing my latest Marion Keys Novel, “Angels” – loved it!

Sunday was much better. I woke up far too early in the morning though, thanks to the kids next door again, but with only a mild headache for a change. I decided that I wanted to have a productive day so I drove off to Makro and filled my car with all sorts of supplies that I thought refugees would need – toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, baby food, bread, peanut butter, canned food, that sort of stuff – and paid a visit to the Red Cross. They told me they desperately needed blankets, but by that time all the shops were closed so I couldn’t do anything about it then unfortunately. I’ll see what I can find this week.

I got home, arranged all my new fridge poetry words into word types (how OCD is that?!), caught up on some paper work, paid a few bills, coded a site, and finished knitting a jersey (I just need to sew it up now). By the time I got done with all that, it was 9pm and I settled into bed to watch Midsomer Murders. I don’t know what it is about that programme that makes me love it – most people, ok everyone, thinks it’s so dull and boring, but I enjoy it, no idea why.

And that’s it – my weekend in a nutshell. Gripping stuff, hey?