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Musical flavours of the month

I *wish* I was a musician – I’d be a drummer =)

I have TONS of stuff in my iTunes library (yes, I still buy CD’s) and sometimes it’s difficult to choose what to listen to. These are the albums that top my list at the moment, stuff I’m loving right now.

  • NIN – The Slip. This one is a totally free download! (Thanks to Kat for blogging about this.)
  • Three Days Grace – One X
  • One Republic – Dreaming Out Loud
  • Linkin Park – Minutes to Midnight
  • Breaking Benjamin – Phobia. If ONLY they’d come and play in South Africa, but Benjamin Burnley has a phobia about flying. No, really!
  • Muse – Everything!! Showbiz, Origin of Symmetry, Hullabaloo, Absolution, Black Holes & Revelations, H.A.A.R.P.
  • Jeff Buckley – Grace. Mmk, this one will ALWAYS be at the top of my list. I think I listen to him every day =)

What about you?
What’s topping your charts right now?

Seether concert was fantastic

Thanks to Sir G, I actually got to see Seether live in concert at Cape Town’s Grand West Arena last night! Wow … what an evening!

We left home at 6.30pm, me suitably attired in a black, rock-chick outfit and Sir G wearing his brand new “iPod” Tshirt from =) It was nice to see such a mix of people there – the normal throng of screeching teenies, yes, but also a lot of older people along with (and I thought this was so sweet) quite a few dads there with their offspring.

We arrived at the venue as Love Jones was playing, I’ve never really been a fan of theirs, but I think their music is starting to grow on me a bit (if I close my eyes and avoid looking at their lead singer.) I saw them last year in Joburg where they supported Fall Out Boy and was less than impressed. But last night’s session was actually pretty good. Although that lead singer (can’t remember her name), she seriously needs to be nominated for that “How Do I Look?” makeover show! Bright green leggings, red takkies, a sloppy, mud-coloured, falling-off-the-shoulder Tshirt and probably the scariest hairstyle ever, do not add up to anything REMOTELY resembling attractiveness … urgh!

Anyway, moving on. The next band up was 12th Avenue. Have you heard them before? I haven’t. They are from Cape Town and apparently they get quite a bit of airtime on 5fm, but I don’t listen to the radio much. They were great! I think I’m a fan already =) Their lead singer has an engaging on-stage presence and a really good voice. The music was not too shabby and the whole band was really vibing! They put on an excellent show and I really enjoyed them.

Then there was another band, but I have no idea who they were. They were just OK. Unfortunately their singer’s voice was completely drowned out so you couldn’t hear what the hell he was singing. I got bored, so I dashed out for a quick smoke break and another beer.

And then … drum roll … the main act: SEETHER.

Awesomeness =)

They were so good, actually much better than the last time I saw them 3 years ago at My Coke Fest in Green Point Stadium. They have worked hard on their live act and it shows! They’ve been touring with Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin in the States and have really polished up their show in that time. Of course, they now also have a whole bunch more tunes to deliver and their set was a nice mixture of their new stuff together with some older songs from the Saron Gas days. Time just flew by as I lapped up their performance and it ended all too soon for me!

Sorry – I didn’t take any photos of the concert – I didn’t want to risk having my phone confiscated. They are very strict about all types of recording and when we went to the Mary J Blige concert last year, I saw quite a few people losing their phones.

And then we decided to be rather impulsive and try our hand at the slots … we WERE at a casino afterall!

10 Minutes later and I was R1200 richer!!!! Hehehe =) I’ve never won so much in my life! Stoked! I hurriedly cashed in and left before I was tempted to carry on and see if I could win more …

A really great night =)

Nearly weekend and I’m a lucky cowgrrrl

Weekend already!? Wow, where did the week go?

So, what are my plans for the next coupla days you ask?

Hmm …. Well, I could just copy and paste my post from last Friday to show you what’s on the agenda. Yes, sadly, apart from a rather fun Poker Night with Cowgrrrl, not much else got accomplished =( I still have many, many boxes to unpack, I still have a super messy room and cupboard, I haven’t done any of that “light reading” and my roots are still lighter than the rest of my hair … plus, I now have the added task of debugging some code that ain’t working. And, of course there’s The Dreaded Weekly Grocery Shopping to do. Grimness.


How is THIS for The Most Awesome News Ever?? Sir G has just told me that he has bought us tickets to see SEETHER live at the Grand West Arena on Sunday!! I am such a lucky brat.


I can’t believe it, I am sooooooooo excited =)

“Thank you Sir G”

And even more good news (but not nearly as thrilling) is that I have now hired someone to come in and help me with my iMac! There’s something wrong with my wireless thingymabob so it can’t connect to anything yet. At least that mission is off my plate and it’ll soon be on the network, talking to all the other machines and hooked up to the interwebs. STOKED! Then all I need to do is install … ok, that could take a while as I have TONS of software that I use every day, and even more that I want to test but don’t have space to load up on this old dinosaur.

I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to unpack boxes this weekend. I have done something to my back and it hurts like hell. I can’t even find a comfortable position to sit in, so I doubt if I’ll be able to dive into all these cardboard monstrosities. Dunno what the hell I’ve done. I think I may have tweaked it at gym doing all those crunches over a stability ball. Jeesh, I must really be getting old! But I don’t care if they have to carry me out of the concert, I’m gonna have a ROCKING good time and I can’t wait =)

Hey, it’s FATHER’S DAY on Sunday – hope you haven’t forgotten! Perhaps my Dad and I can get together and have a bite to eat somewhere. That would be nice.

And Monday is a public holiday, so I’ll have an extra day to make a dent in that Great Wall of China To Do List and get some shit done.

I really hope my horoscope (or should that be horrorscope?) for tomorrow is wrong … how’s this for a daily dose of encouragement:

“Today is going to be a series of ‘Oh no’s.’ You can’t even believe how many little things can go wrong in 24 hours. And it’ll take A LOT longer than that amount of time to clear everything up. What a freakin’ mess.”

Honestly … How RUDE! I don’t buy into this rubbish, but just in case, fingers and toes crossed that this is all crap and please send happy pink bubble vibes …

Hope you all have a good one!