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Matric finals – here we go!


Wow. I can’t believe it!

Son#1 and his friends are into the home stretch of their school careers.
Good luck you guys xxx


Back left to right:  Son#2, moi, Son#1
Front: good friends, all grown up.

What a boytjie!


Son#1 stands proudly
(read: highly embarrassed – Mom, HURRY UP and take the damn picture before someone SEES!)
in front of his matric art exhibition, for which he was awarded 3rd place and
received a brilliant A!

I’m so proud of you, my baby 😀


Meanwhile, at the other school …

Son#1 is killing it WOOHOO!!!

I’m ridiculously proud of that boy – he’s doing SO damn well 😀

He showed me his first set of marks for the year and although he’s a bit miffed about narrowly missing out on a B aggregate, I’m crazy happy with his results!! (He was above average on everything, apart from Geography and Science, which means he just needs to put in some more study time.)

He’s working hard and he’s keeping up with the rigorous Grade 12 schedule – that’s totally awesome considering that last year was just about a write-off for him school-wise.



He’s a very lucky young man

I just got a call from The School regarding the punishment decided on for Son#2’s latest “indiscretion.”

(You can read about that here)

Anyway, the deal is that he’s going to get a written warning from them tomorrow, detention on Friday, and he’s going to have one of his privileges taken away – and they’ve gone for the jugular here: he has to cut his hair!!!

I am SO flipping relieved that he’s not going to be expelled!

What does Son#2 think of it?

“NO!! NOT MY HAIR!?!? I’d rather be expelled.”

Yip, the little man sure loves his long locks but hellz bellz, a haircut over getting expelled? That’s a no brainer.

Take the haircut and RUN my boy!


I freaking give up

Son#2 has now been suspended TWICE for smoking at school and he’s now been bust AGAIN for it!


He’s throwing his education away – I wouldn’t be surprised if they now expel him.

And after last night’s ugly fallout with Son#1, I’m actually ready to throw in the towel. Motherhood can take a flying leap. I’ve had it.