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One week to go …

Cue the Jaws theme music …

Yeah. Staring down the barrel of The Big 4-OH.


Presents will make me feel a whole lot better though 😀

  • Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G + Wi-Fi
  • Kindle Lighted Leather Cover, Burgundy Red (Fits 6″ Display, Latest Generation Kindle)
  • Polo Sport by Ralf Lauren for Women
  • Euphoria by Calvin Klein
  • Exclusive Books voucher
  • Books 1-7 of the Meredith Gentry series by Laurell K. Hamilton (I have book 8. Fail.)
  • USB modem and some airtime so I can take my sexy Macbook out on the road
  • Woolies voucher – I seriously need new clothes and shoes for winter
  • Woolies voucher again – I need new bedding
  • Stodels voucher – my garden needs more help
  • Mr Price Home/@home voucher – I need to redo Son1’s old room to become my new “space”
  • Potted house plants (no, I’m not joking)
  • A big non-stick frying pan (totally serious)
  • Skull Candy ear thumps
  • Beach villa
  • Art supplies – canvasses, brushes, acrylic paints
  • Monin Watermelon liqueur (if you can find this, you’ll be my hero. Forever.)
  • A ticket to fly to Jozi (I want to meet so many people up there *sigh*)
  • Flowers, flowers, flowers
  • An invitation to spend some time with you

Ah man. Anything really 🙂 Times have been rather tough lately and I’ve not been able to buy anything for a while so I’d be happy with even a box of smokes, lol (That’s Kent Menthol, btw)

Oh. I don’t drink wine #justsaying 😉


It’s my birthday soon …

* * * 4 APRIL * * *

39 <– for those of you who keep forgetting how old I am *cough* Son#1 *cough*

I know you’ve all been saving like mad for this, dying for the opportunity to spoil me with awesome presents, but I’m guessing that you have no clue what to buy me. Right? Right.

Here’s a tip: anyone who gets me anything remotely “practical” will be fired / unfollowed / defriended / disinherited on the spot. No bulk packs of 48 toilet rolls please. Yes, I have been given this as a gift before, I shit you not.

Here’s what I won’t say no to:

  1. Final Fantasy 13 for Xbox 360
  2. Ralf Lauren Polo Sport for Women
  3. Flowers
  4. Dragonlance Chronicles Gift Set
  5. Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness (Mac)
  6. Flowers
  7. Vanilla Cream Body Hamper
  8. Lapillus Worry Skull
  9. Flowers
  10. Monin Watermelon Liqueur
  11. Bram Stoker’s Dracula: Collector’s Edition
  12. Flowers

Mmk … that’s enough to start with 😀