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This one’s for JOC

JOC is my new PA and in just 3 weeks, she’s changed my life!!

Fuxored Xbox sorted – cowgrrrl is back baby!
Green TV taken for repairs
Car serviced
Lost car license replaced
Kids and I to hygenist
Son#1 taken for eye test
My annual hair appointment arranged
Pharmacy prescriptions renewed
Items collected from post office
All my outstanding personal post opened, sorted and filed
New post opened and sorted for me to attend to
All sorts of personal paperwork odds and ends located and filed
Son#2’s room completely cleaned out and re-organised
Appointments with Son#1’s tutor and Psych Man made, and kept
All Son#1’s outstanding school work collected
Son#2’s daily homework supervised
Mom’s Taxi Service has become JOC’s Taxi Service, including
Son#1 taken to and from NA meetings after hours WOW!
Son#2’s school correspondence and supplies sorted
Dreaded weekly grocery shops taken care of AND everything unpacked for me
Backlog of filing in office being tackled
Insurance schedules are being updated
Office supplies purchased in bulk
Ebooks printed and distributed to the team
Various letters typed
Contractors called and quotes sourced
My weekly schedule totally organised for me

And that’s just what I can remember, off the top of my head …
There’s more, trust me!