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Had to get me a new phone

Unfortunately, my beautiful, much-treasured N95 is currently more useless than tits on a nun =(

My fault entirely though – I tripped over the charger cable while it was attached to the phone and everything went flying! Now the poor thing is totally dead, won’t charge. I took it to the shop just now and they said it had to get sent away for repairs, which could take 2 months. YOWZA! And I’ll have to schlep out to Canal Walk to take it in to get fixed. Joy.

As much as I can’t stand the things, I can’t be without a phone so I’ve had to get another phone in the meantime. One that will be a good backup and see me through a few more years. I’ve been eyeing the E65 out for a long time now – I bought a couple for my team a while ago and thought it was a lovely little gadget (was quite jealous actually).

So that’s what I’ve got now. It’s nice, much smaller than the N95 though and it doesn’t have all the features, most noticeably, the awesome 5mp camera. Anyway, tough. It’s a good phone, it looks purty, and it uses the S60, so I don’t have to learn a new OS.

One dilemma though – I’ve lost all my contacts!! The backup I did when I upgraded the N95 firmware is on my old machine which is no more. Oh dear … It’s just one thing after another isn’t it? And now I know I must save my contacts to my memory card (duh!)

Please send me your vcards and what-have-you’s … I can’t get hold of you otherwise!