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Telephone Technique 101

“Hi baby!” <— see that? That is NOT the way to answer your mobile …

Even if you are *convinced* that the number showing up on your display is the same one that appears when Son#1 phones you from the clinic.

Oh sure, there may be a split second when you think to yourself: “Shit!! Perhaps I’ve made a boo-boo … ?”, and then there’s a delicious moment of relief when you hear a bunch of kids in the background and you thank your lucky stars that your assumption about the origin of the call was in fact correct.

But then, much to your horror, the words: “Hello, is that Mrs So-and-So?” hit you with a crushing blow of embarrassment and you hesitantly reply: “Errr, yes …?”

ERK! The person on the other end of the line then turns out to be a teacher from Son#2’s school (which happens to be just down the road from the clinic where Son#1 is based) and she’s called to chat about Son#2’s lack of passion for the Afrikaans language.

Oh crap!

Can you say “Ooooops?”

*whew* Just as well it wasn’t the headmaster!!

Is Vernon Koekoemoer dead?

Shoot, it seems that my recent post, “The Koek is dead“, wherein I recount my dream about Cassie Booyse being killed in a tragic car accident, *may* have sparked off a wild rumour that he is infact dead!

How do I know this? Well, I’ve been checking my log files and I’m really surprised to see that since that post, a lot of traffic has come through to this site from people Googling for phrases like “cassie booyse car accident” and “is Vernon koekoemoer dead” …

Ooops … my bad! I should have realized that not many folks read past the first paragraph, or even the headline, of on-screen writings.

Guys, let me just dispel that rumour right now. Vernon Koekoemoer is NOT dead. If I am in any way responsible for causing anyone to think that the legend that is VK could EVER be taken out, I’m really very sorry.

VK laughs in the face of danger …

Long live The Koek!