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Congrats to Leith Roofing Cape Town

You have been awarded my “Cow Patty of the Month” award!

Way to go Leith Roofing!!!


Jeesh … I have now actually lost count of the number of times I have called your company, only to be told each time: “What is your name and number, someone will get back to you.”

It’s been w-e-e-k-s since I first started calling you and I am STILL waiting for that call!!

I KNOW you are busy. I understand that it’s the middle of winter in Cape Town and that you must be flooded with work, but I am NOT asking you to come out right now and fix my leaking roof. Hells, I am not even griping about the fact that you haven’t come out to give me a quote yet. I just bloody want you to return my calls!!!

Is that REALLY too much to ask?

No, seriously. If you are too busy and you DON’T want my business again (yes, we’ve been through this before you know!), just TELL me. I’m not going be all offended – I just want to BLOODY KNOW!! What happened to simple courtesy?

Instead of getting your receptionist to flipping LIE to me all the time, why don’t you just have her tell me: “Sorry, no-can-do!” Huh?? Then at least I know not to waste my time trying to follow up with you and I can move on …

Why am I following up with you? Because you’ve helped me out before and I would have liked to give you my business again. Silly me, there I was thinking that we had some kind of “relationship” going. Hrmph.

Oh, and BTW, hearing her say “hmmmm, let me just check back in the ‘Book’ is pretty damn scary. Do you know what century we’re in? A ‘Book’?? For heaven’s sake! Get yourself a decent CRM system if you’re so damn busy.

And to the lady I’ve just spoken to on the phone: Honey, Sweetie-pie, I don’t care if you ARE just the book-keeper filling in for the regular chick. Hoo-bloody-rah for you! What do you want, a Noddy Badge? You could be the Tea Lady or Oprah Winfrey for all I care right now. Stop making excuses for yourself or trying to explain your inadequacy to me. As far as I am concerned, YOU are the frontline representative for the company at the time of my call and you need to hear me out and deal with the situation effectively. You have a VERY unhappy (almost) customer on your hands and I DO NOT want to be fobbed off with another “someone will get back to you!”

Honestly, I know I’m impatient, but hells … what do I actually have to do to get these guys to just return my call(s)?

I went through the same leaking roof problem last winter and I eventually had to replace the bloody ceilings because the water damage was so bad. I do NOT feel like going down THAT road again.

So, that’s it. I’ve given them ample opportunity. Some companies don’t deserve to be in business, and they certainly don’t deserve my money. Time to move on …

If you are looking for a reliable, customer-friendly company to come and repair your roof in Cape Town, DO NOT call on Leith Roofing, because apparently, they don’t give a shit.


*fires up iTunes to look for some angry music and flips open the Yellow Pages*


And it’s STILL pissing down outside!

This is some seriaaaas weather we’re having here in the Cape … non-stop wild storming for 7 days and near-Arctic temperatures. Winter is not my season anyway, so you can just imagine how much I’m loving this. Not.

Two days ago my garden was a big mooshy mess, now it’s totally flooded! And my swimming pool looks like it’s on the verge of overflowing too. Yikes.

Worst of all, I have MORE leaks in my roof, and the drips are coming down a lot faster and harder than before. I’ve called the roofing chaps again this morning, left YET ANOTHER MESSAGE … Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Well, I’ve had a very late start to the day – I just couldn’t get out of bed this morning! Cold + Dark + Wet + Windy + Too Early + Head Pain + Sleeping Pill Hangover = Stay Under The Covers Girl.

Anyway, enough griping =) Today I have a stupid amount of work to do, so I’d better get started *yawn*. I think I’ll have to end my coffee drought just now and give in to a big caffeine fix.

*inserts ear thumps and browses iTunes library … selects NIN The Slip*

Monday morning

And it’s a wet one!!

Jeesh … it’s been raining non stop in Cape Town for days now and we’ve had some nasty storm activity in that time too – real wild and woolly weather!

I contacted my Dad this morning to see if he was ok. He lives in a caravan and I get really worried about him when the weather’s this bad. Luckily, all is cool with him – no more lightening strikes this time thank goodness. A short while ago, in another bad storm, some of his equipment got fried!!

Here at home, the animals have been going mental with all the thunder and lightening. Shame, poor things …

And my garden is now one big mooshy mess. Urgh.

I’ve got a leak in my roof too, which is baaaaaaad news. I had the same thing last year and it got so bad, there was so much water damage, I had to have my ceilings replaced and fixed up. I’ve been trying to get hold of the roofing company for 2 weeks now to come back and sort out the leak but they just never return my calls. Dammit.

And now I’ve also got water seeping through my window frames too. *Sigh* … it never ends does it?

I have no idea who to call about the windows – any ideas?