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It always has to pour, doesn’t it?

Mofo Murphy is at work again …

Oh yes, things in my life start stabilizing and then BAM! It all seems to unravel. Typical.

Well, in your eye Murphy! You’re not going to get me down using that stale tactic anymore. Time to up your game, ‘coz I’ve certainly upped mine, you tosser.

Right. So I’m dealing with some shit at the moment. Shit around 2 friends. Shit around Son#2. Shit around myself. That’s 4 new doses of shit on my plate to cope with at once.

But the good news is that I AM coping. I am SO not falling apart with all this. YES!!

I’ll be back later to let you have a whiff of some of the stench LOL 😀

Dad, I hope you feel better soon … PLEASE look after yourself. I love you xxx

You know that Murphy mofo?

Well, he struck again!!

But not to panic … I am taking it in my stride …

I have some really good vibes going on today (and lots of support – thanks Mom!)

Everything will be ok 🙂

Murphy, dude, you’re getting waaaay to predictable!