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My Friday is in tatters


Mmk, that feels *slighty* better …

Jeesh, what MORE is gonna go wrong today?!

As per usual, I have a STINKING headache, and it’s getting worse by the minute so I am nowhere NEAR to being cheerful today.

My interwebs were completely fuxored! We’ve been offline since last night. I don’t know what happened – I tried switching ADSL accounts, I tried unplugging and replugging everything in, I rebooted, I checked all the network points, I tested the phone line, I did absolutely everything I could think of and no bloody luck! Grrrrr

So, after spending ages trying to get hold of our tech dude, we eventually managed to get hold of him after 9am. He said he was “on his way”. He only arrived 3 hours later.

Anyway, he’s found the problem and fixed it so at least it’s all working now – apparently some tables got scrambled so he’s reset the router and upgraded the firmware. But an entire morning has been lost and that’s a LOT of time added up between 5 people. My poor Inbox now looks like a whore’s handbag …

Then there’s the whole frigging gate story! It’s STILL giving me shit. Note: do not be fooled – mothballs do NOTHING to keep geckos away. Not only have 9 more managed to fry themselves, but they’ve now fried the bloody motor too.

And it turns out I ALSO need an entire new video intercom system. PLUS all the remotes we have are “illegal” and need to be replaced. Hrmph.

Another few thousand ronds to shell out …

I’m so not looking forward to this afternoon either – I am going to the Parent Support Group at the clinic and I really don’t feel like it. I am only going because I know that I have to, for Son#1’s sake. 2 Hours is helluva long time to be there and I hate “groups” – the whole “sharing is caring” idea does not sit well with me. But don’t worry … I AM going.

After the Group I get to visit Son#1, so that’s at least something I can look forward to today. I’m going to take him some more clothes and some eats and stay for about an hour. Before then though, I need to activate Mom’s Taxi Service for Son#2 and stop at the shop to buy the goodies I want to take to Son#1.

So that means I’m basically out from 1.30-6pm today, on top of losing the entire morning!


This week has been challenging, to say the least.

Now where did I put my Chill Pills?


And it’s STILL pissing down outside!

This is some seriaaaas weather we’re having here in the Cape … non-stop wild storming for 7 days and near-Arctic temperatures. Winter is not my season anyway, so you can just imagine how much I’m loving this. Not.

Two days ago my garden was a big mooshy mess, now it’s totally flooded! And my swimming pool looks like it’s on the verge of overflowing too. Yikes.

Worst of all, I have MORE leaks in my roof, and the drips are coming down a lot faster and harder than before. I’ve called the roofing chaps again this morning, left YET ANOTHER MESSAGE … Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Well, I’ve had a very late start to the day – I just couldn’t get out of bed this morning! Cold + Dark + Wet + Windy + Too Early + Head Pain + Sleeping Pill Hangover = Stay Under The Covers Girl.

Anyway, enough griping =) Today I have a stupid amount of work to do, so I’d better get started *yawn*. I think I’ll have to end my coffee drought just now and give in to a big caffeine fix.

*inserts ear thumps and browses iTunes library … selects NIN The Slip*

An exciting day ahead

Today is gonna be good!

Ok, so it didn’t start off too well – I woke up with another shitty headache this morning and I’ve got rather a bad sleeping pill hangover too so I’m feeling a bit lousy, but tough titties … I’ll just have to push through because I’ve some really nice work to focus on today =)

In a little while, after I’ve sorted out some admin odd and ends, I get to put on my Designing Hat to create an interface for the new in-house project I’m working on .. YAAY!!

I do have other stuff to do but it can wait a day, this project has been held up long enough and it’s important, so screw it, I’m going to get it DONE!!

Another day in the trenches

And it’s not a good one …

I’m going to have a little vent here. You can indulge me or you can move on. It’s cool; I won’t be offended if I see you’ve clicked away after only a few seconds.


Physically, I am shattered today. I had a really bad night’s sleep and I’m totally exhausted. I also woke up with a splitting headache (what’s new) and I’m freezing cold. So I’m sitting here feeling very sorry for myself – miserable, tired, frozen and sore =(

I really need a holiday. Any kind of break will do, I just feel like I need some R&R.

Other than that, I’m so bloody bored and completely frustrated! Being short staffed is the pits. I am still looking for new staff and having no luck. The ad on Bizcommunity has run it’s course and we got nix out of it. My inbox is normally flooded with CV’s – where the hell is everyone?

I desperately want to move on to new projects – ideas that have been bubbling under for a while that I want to bring to the front burner and start developing. But I’m stuck DAMMIT! I’m doing donkey work on websites because I don’t have enough people. It totally sucks and I feel like I’m wasting my talent.

Jeesh, 10 years ago I was doing much more exciting work. Hells, even before I got into the web I was having a ball running a design studio and lecturing at a college after that. Then I discovered the internet and found my passion. I designed and developed a very large corporate intranet, I managed some big international sites and I created front ends for some high profile online medical and banking systems. Then I setup my own business and had tons of fun developing my own projects.

After that, well … shit happened.

And now I’m bloody stuck and I don’t want to be. I’m not doing anything new; I’m not learning anything new. I feel like my creativity is being stifled and as much I as want to start doing sexy work again, I can’t! I’m turning away a ridiculous amount of work every week.

Don’t get me wrong – I am VERY grateful to be able to work and make a living. But this business is my only source of income and if I can’t move it forward, it’s not going to last for very much longer. And then I’ll be screwed.

I’m also not getting any younger you know – I want to use my brain before all the relevant synapses go on a permanent strike. Shit, the last time I did any serious development, PHP was just a puppy! And I haven’t touched Flash for ages.

And then there’s the fact that I want a personal life too. I feel like I’ve missed out on so much and I want to have a life outside of these four walls that I stare at all day, every day. But being drained of energy and robbed of time because I’m forced to put in long, tedious hours doing repetitive crap work is ensuring that that doesn’t happen either.

I need more staff!!!

I’ve even contemplated selling the business and retiring so that I can get out of this horrible rut and buy myself the time to do what I love. I could do that. I may have to if things don’t change soon.

Sucks to be me right now.


Ok, that’s it. I’m done. Vent over. If you’re still here, thanks for listening.

A day from hell

It’s been revolting. I haven’t felt this sore or stressed for a long time.

This day cannot end fast enough for me.

I need something to smile about …

Thanks for letting me gripe … let’s hope tomorrow is better, yes?

Have a good weekend everyone xx