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Weekend plans

Gosh, it’s Friday already! Man, this week has just zoomed past so quickly and I am still waaay behind on work – got 2 more biggish things to do before Monday and then I think I will have finally caught up. So yes, gonna have to unfortunately put in a few hours over the weekend.

I’ll also have to do the usual weekend clean up and go shopping for some food. I absolutely HATE shopping and I DETEST cleaning, so this is something I dread about weekends. Sometimes I think my life is just one long endless list of chores … I am no domestic goddess, that’s for sure.

Other than that, there’s a gathering at a friend’s house tomorrow night. Well, not my friends but Sir G’s friends. I have met them once or twice, so it won’t be THAT awkward, but I don’t think it’s going to be much fun compared to what it was SUPPOSED to be. Originally, it was going to be a whacky Pimps and Hoes thing, but with a twist: the guys had to dress up as the hoes!! What a riot! Would have been crazy fun =) But now, sadly, it has deteriorated into a Potjie. How the hell did that happen? From a wild, fun party to a pot of stew!! Urgh, so not in the mood for it …. And to make things even worse, we have to PAY for this sad, unappetizing little affair too. BWAHAHA! Creating good potjiekos is a real art and I haven’t come across many good “pot food” chefs before. Oh well …. Think I’ll just avoid the food and eat before we brave the long, cold drive out to their place (and take a whole bunch of liquor!)

Sunday is Mother’s Day – no idea what’s happening. The kids are with their dad this weekend which is a welcome break for me, it’s been weeks since I had the house to myself, but I guess I’ll miss them on Sunday ….

House rules

It’s a school night; the house rule is that the kids don’t go out on school nights. The only exception to this rule is if there is a compulsory school function. I haven’t always been consistent with enforcing this rule in the past (big mistake) but due to a recent deterioration in school work and behaviour all round, that rule is now strictly in place and I intend to stick to my guns. So when I’m asked if I can provide a lift and money for a music concert being held tonight, my answer is a firm “no”. Then I’m told that it’s being held at a girls’ high school and tickets were being sold at schools to the kids. What?? How can the school administration allow this? We as parents are supposed to provide structure and boundaries for our kids, we get told by school that they need our support in teaching the kids to be disciplined and to ensure they do their homework, get enough sleep and remain focused. How on earth can they be such hypocrites? It’s beyond me that they can advocate a rock concert to be held on a school night at a school! When the kids turn up to class exhausted the next day, who is to blame? Perhaps some parents will let their kids go. I don’t care – their children are not my responsibility and I have additional, difficult issues to deal with when it comes to raising the boys so I’m NOT going to cave in to the “but everyone else is going” tactic.

So, I’m not very popular at the moment and tonight could be a bit tense at home. I’ll just have to suck it up, knowing that I have made the correct decision, based on the best long-term interests of my children. I have their father’s 100% backing on this – he has agreed to it, and said he will support me.