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On going wireless

Mmk, I need your help please 🙂

So I’ve got my old laptop back up and running, with an eye to taking it out and about one of these days so I can go sit in coffee shops and restaurants and the like … I’m thinking that being mobile and being able to work anywhere will get me out the house a bit more and all the good things that go along with that!

Now then … what’s the best way for me to connect to the interwebz while I’m out and about?

I don’t want to be tied into any monthly contracts because this will all happen as and when I feel like it. There may be times where I’m out every day and there may be times when I’m chained to my desk. I really don’t know!

Also, I shall be doing the same thing with another 2 of our laptops here …

So, what’s your advice?

What you can do to help in Cape Town

OK, I’ve just come back from the Red Cross in Wynberg where I got to talking to some of the folks there about what they need. Their most urgent requirement at this stage is blankets and baby food, in all formats – formula, cereals and the bottled variety (Purity).

If you want to help, they are located at 21 Broad Street in Wynberg. It’s off Rosmead Avenue, turning right just past the Wynberg Sports Club if you are coming from the Kenilworth Centre side. Their phone number is (021) 797-5360.

The Red Cross is one of the disaster relief operations that have been certified by the City of Cape Town and the Provincial Government so you can rest assured that your donations will reach their intended destinations.

You can also contact The Salvation Army (Western Cape Division) on (021) 761-8530 and they are at 85 Maynard Road in Wynberg.

Many displaced foreigners are currently being housed at Young Filed Military Base in Wynberg (at the end of Chucker Road), and if you want to donate directly to the Base or require more information, please call them on (021) 597-5199.

Other drop off points:

ALP Office
122 Longmarket St
Westminister House
Contact: Hennie 082 902 1303


206 Selbourne
Prince St
Contact: Alistair 074 103 4664

If you want to make a financial donation, the details are:

City of Cape Town
Absa Bank
Branch code 631609
Account no 4056584569
Public Sector Western Cape
Reference No 190100012