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I survived the weekend

Just. Yesterday was touch and go though ….

Sir G managed to squeeze his car out of the driveway yesterday and went off to have a family lunch at Lanzerac. I was left here to starve and freeze! Hrmph. He then sent me messages about how much sushi and smoked salmon he was consuming. Bastard.

I was just about ready to concede my sorry self to hypothermia and starvation. (Jeeesh, is it just me or this Cape winter a whole lot colder than usual??) Luckily, he arrived back here just in the nick of time with a load of wood and some of his dad’s yummy home-made curry. Whew, close one.

How was that Euro 2008 final last night?! Awesome game. I’m so glad it turned out to be such a good match and of course, the fact that my boy Torres scored just totally made it for me =)

So the gate guys came this morning to take the gate away for repairs. They say they’ll have it back and sorted before the end of the day. Holding thumbs … I haven’t been able to leave the house for nearly a week now and I’m seriously claustrophobic!

Torres stays in the red

There were rumours flying around on Tuesday that Chelsea had put in a 50 million pound bid for Liverpool’s Fernando Torres. Distraught … No!!! That little gem can’t go ANYWHERE!!

But … huge relief!! He’s not going anywhere, thank goodness. I’ve just managed to catch up on my sports feeds and read that Rafa has clearly stated that Torres is not for sale.

So back off Blues!

I think this ridiculously talented baby faced footballer is well on his way to becoming an Anfield Legend =)


I beat the blues

And I called it =) A few days ago, when Sir G and I were discussing the Champions League final, I told him I thought United had the edge and would win on penalties, and they did. Result: Manchester United 2 Chelsea 1 (6-5 on penalties). It wasn’t a great game – plenty of tension but some dodgy decisions and not much good football. 

Poor Blues, they sure managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory last night! And you have to feel a bit sorry for John Terry slipping and missing the penalty that could have won them the game. But then, the sentimental decision for him as captain to take that spot kick was not a smart move, and it cost them the trophy. The man was distraught!

I’ll tell you who else is distraught – Sir G. He says he couldnt sleep, and had nightmares about that penalty line up =) Shame. But I don’t feel too badly for him, his team knocked out mine in the semi’s. Next year is going to be Liverpool’s year!

Champion’s League final – it’s on!

Tonight’s the night =) EUFA Champion’s League Final – Chelsea vs Manchester United in Moscow. It should be a good, tight game, the teams are evenly matched, both really strong at the moment, and I reckon it could go either way.

Sir G is an avid Chelsea fan, so I’m rooting for the Reds! We are watching the game together, and I’ve insisted that he wears his daft Chelsea hat he got from my boys for Christmas =) Isn’t it a hoot?

Personally, I really do think United have an edge but I’m not taking any bets with Sir G this time though. Noooo … I have learnt my lesson. He is crazy lucky and Chelsea may just rise to this pressure occasion. Anyway, I’m over handing over my ronds to him!