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Touching feedback

On Sunday I wrote about how Social Media has impacted on my life, so this is close to my heart.

I received a heart-warming message from a dear, sweet girl who used to work for me and is now living in the UK. This young lady has had an extremely traumatic life, enduring far more than anyone should have to go through in just 20 odd years.

Anyway, she contacted me via good old Facebook recently and sent me this message about JustB[coz]:


Had a bit of spare time and so checked out your blog… write very well. It made me laugh and cry. I love how you’re so real (which i guess is the point of a personal blog), but still, i think it takes courage, which I really admire you for. You are way braver than I could ever imagine to be, a lot of the things you wrote seriously challenged me. And I know thats not really the point, but, just thought I’d tell you anyway that I really learnt a lot of little things from you. So thank you. Keep writing, it’s really awesome. Sorry, that’s just my two cents worth of feedback, whether you wanted it or not. hehe! 🙂

enjoy your week.

I am so touched and so thrilled that my blog has not only helped me, but has also had a positive effect on somebody else’s life. Her wonderful feedback really does illustrate the points I made in my Sunday post about how social media and networking can add real value to one’s life and how those folk who participate in these technologies can affect other lives far more than they realise.

To be thanked for my writings and encouraged to continue feels amazing too!

So JOC, THANK YOU! Thinking of you. Mwah xxx