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I’m a happy camper

So there I was, thinking: “Shoot, I know there are people reading this blog but dammit, where the hell ARE they?”

I never started doing this with the intention of gaining any fame, although my Aries nature absolutely requires that my ego is fed by getting some recognition =)  No, this little corner of the web was just supposed to be a spot that I could safely hang out in, get some of my thoughts “out there”, keep a few folks up to date on happenings in my life, that sort of thing, you know. Then, after a while, I thought: “What the hell, be brave, get your blog into some directories, let it out into the public domain and see what happens. You never know, somebody might even read it!” So, I gulped down my fear of what people would think and did it. And people are starting to read – very cool =)

And NOW, I have my first public comment – STOKED!! I was in such a crappy mood this morning, and then I saw that someone had responded to one of my posts and it’s totally made my day. It’s awesome to get some feedback. So, come on, don’t be shy! Let me know you’re out there, tell me what you think, speak your mind …

Ok, gotta run, I have to code at least 3 sites today and sort out a bunch of paperwork. Later.