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The Koek is dead

I was shocked to hear the news that South Africa’s cult legend Vernon Koekoemore, aka Cassie Booyse, was tragically killed in car accident yesterday.

I was mentioning to some friends that I thought the new Nando’s “Double Thigh” tv advert featuring The Koek and Chuck  was just killer and somebody piped up that Cassie was no longer with us! I have been following the growth of this man’s celebrated character since inception in early March of this year and news of his death had me reeling.

Of course, it isn’t true … no, it was all just a really bizarre dream I had last night.

I woke up this morning in a dazed panic (it all seemed so real!) and went rushing of to check in on the Make Vernon Koekoemoer Famous group on Facebook, just to be sure. And yes, I’m happy to report that The Koek is alive and well!

Dreams are crazy aren’t they? Why do we dream about certain things? Why do we dream at all, for that matter? Did you know that in our lifetimes, we each spend about 6 years dreaming? I’ve heard various theories – that dreams are a way for our minds to resolve deep, troubling issues or that they are actually a way for our unconscious wishes to be interpreted … but is that true? I mean, what do I really care that much about The Koek? And why on earth would I want him to die? No way – that man has kept me giggling for nearly 3 months nowand anyone who can make me laugh definitely gets my vote =)

Or are dreams perhaps a view into events of the future? Hmmm …. I certainly hope not. For starters, losing The Koek would be pretty awful and then there’s the fact that most of my recurring dreams involve watching in horror as planes fall out of the sky and crash to the ground (I normally have to save as many people as I can and no … this is not just since LOST started). Other mad dreams see me catching handfuls of teeth as they drop out of my mouth! What, if anything, does it all mean?

Do you ever wonder about your dreams?