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They got it wrong

All the weather forecasters who predicted that this weekend was going to be cold and miserable in Cape Town … in your eye!!

It’s the most beeooooootyful day in the Mother City =)

I stopped to take this snapshot of the back of Table Mountain and Devil’s Peak just now on my way back from dropping off last night’s movies.

Man, I just love living here!

One of the movies we watched was Death Proof. Have you seen it? It’s a Tarantino creation … LOVED IT!!

IMO, it’s the ultimate chick flick =) Not to deliberately put a spoiler out there or anything, but if you’ve ever harboured a secret desire to beat the crap out of some A-hole, then this one’s for you.

Anyways, I’m off again … have to take Son#1 out to get new school shoes. I may just pop into Look & Listen while I’m out and see if there are any new tunes out worth buying.

Later everyone xxx


Update: Thankfully Look & Listen were NOT playing Usher’s Here I Stand album today!!

Got some Tool, Disturbed, Peter Tosh and a pressie for my Dad =)