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Website idea – please help yourself

I always keep beady eye on my log files, to see who, when, where and how people land up on my site. It struck me yesterday that a lot of folk are entering this site via my post “What you can do to help in Cape Town” after Googling for info on various charities and NPO’s – they are looking for general stuff like “donations Cape Town” and specific information that includes locations and contact details of various organizations.

I am so chuffed that I have been able to contribute to our community in some small way and it got me thinking about how to maximize on this so that a whole lot more people can benefit – both those who are in need and those who are in a position to give but just don’t know how.

So this morning, I got an idea for a new website. I haven’t thought it out thoroughly, I don’t know how viable it would be and I don’t know if there is already something similar out there. What I do know is that this idea is not for me – I have way too much on my plate already and I don’t have the contacts or resources to set it up and keep it going – but I feel like I need to get this idea “out there” in the hope that perhaps someone will like it and run with it.

The website would be a “mega charity” site – that is, it would be an online representative vehicle for every type of charity and NPO in South Africa.

  1. Each charity would have a dedicated profile page, displaying their logo, information about their cause, where and how they operate, display a few photos, appeal for what they need (aside from money), contact details, banking details etc. They could manage this information themselves.
  2. The site would carry a fund raising events/calendar section outlining various things happening to raise money in each province.
  3. Site users can opt in for newsletter updates.
  4. They can browse through all the charities to find one they want to contribute to.
  5. Or they can search based on criteria such as Province / City and/or Type (animals, homeless/children/battered women/etc)
  6. Registered site users can make pledges online – exposure can be given to companies with the biggest pledges via discounted advertising space or a mention in the newsletter and individuals can be encouraged to pledge by offering some kind of reward like a gift voucher or similar (would need to organize sponsorship)
  7. The site or charity profile pages can display fund raising targets and corresponding pledge amounts.
  8. The site COULD act as a direct recipient for online donations and distribute funds accordingly, but this could be tricky (?) And I’m not sure how ethical it would be, but perhaps a fraction of online donation transactions could be kept to keep the site afloat.
  9. Possibly allow users to donate to the site directly, to help keep it running …
  10. Loads of advertising / sponsorship space
  11. Hook up with local celebrities and companies to generate some link love and establish credibility.

OK, that’s it! Use it … or not =)