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I beat the blues

And I called it =) A few days ago, when Sir G and I were discussing the Champions League final, I told him I thought United had the edge and would win on penalties, and they did. Result: Manchester United 2 Chelsea 1 (6-5 on penalties). It wasn’t a great game – plenty of tension but some dodgy decisions and not much good football. 

Poor Blues, they sure managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory last night! And you have to feel a bit sorry for John Terry slipping and missing the penalty that could have won them the game. But then, the sentimental decision for him as captain to take that spot kick was not a smart move, and it cost them the trophy. The man was distraught!

I’ll tell you who else is distraught – Sir G. He says he couldnt sleep, and had nightmares about that penalty line up =) Shame. But I don’t feel too badly for him, his team knocked out mine in the semi’s. Next year is going to be Liverpool’s year!