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One of these days

I *am* going to run over a car guard.


Thanks EVER so much for guarding my car while I dash into the shop. Really, I appreciate it.

Here’s your ronds.


If you insist on standing behind me while I’m reversing out of my parking bay, forcing me to go at snail’s pace, I’m just gonna HAVE to put foot and take you out!

Honestly. I can drive you know … *sigh* [note]

So, please, please, pleeeeease just let me get in my car and get the hell out of there WITHOUT you standing in my way, controlling my pace and attempting to direct me out of the bay.

Thanks, but NO thanks.

Seriously. You’ve done your bit as a CAR GUARD, I’ve reciprocated, now leave me alone!!


[note] Erm, I just don’t reverse parallel park *sheepish grin*