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The SheBee TweeParty – REVISED

Mmk, Cape Town people …

As you know, SheBee is hitting our horizons this week and we *were* going to have a tweetup on Thursday evening but unfortunately Her Beeness could only get a late flight so we won’t be able to do it then (and apparently, it’s also the Geek Dinner that night.)

So … new plan – we are getting together at Quay 4 at the Waterfront this Saturday afternoon from about 2pm-ish.

Hope to see you all there!

Tweetup at Alba Lounge

So last night was fun … YAY 😀

Thanks so much to Chris Mills for suggesting the great venue! Alba Lounge was the perfect spot for our little get together – fantastic views of Cape Town’s V&A Waterfont, plenty of space, loads of comfortable seating, lovely lighting, pleasant background music (so that we could actually hear ourselves thinking), pretty good bar service and plenty of delicious hot and cold snacks.

And thanks to everyone who could make it last night – it was brilliant to once again hook up with the wonderful people that I’ve already met – Pam Sykes, Wogan May, Eric Edelstein, Beverley Merriman and Catherine Luckhoff, and it was AWESOME to finally meet those that I’ve known online for a while but never met in real life – Andre van Rooyen, Saul Kropman, Walter Pike and the man who never fails to crack me up, Amod Munga (who was there his beautiful Soul Mate). I also got to meet Bergen Larsen, who’s also in town for a few days (good luck for next week!) as well as the infectiously effervescent Eran Eyal from Springleap.

Andre van Rooyen

All in all it was a really good evening – I only got back home at about 1.30 this morning wah! Haven’t done THAT for a while hehehe 🙂

Just a heads up for you: We’ll be organizing another tweetup in about 2 weeks’ time when the awesomeness of SheBeeGee hits Cape Town! So keep your schedules free!

Hope you’re all having a rocking weekend

I shall not be braaing today

It’s a public holiday here in South Africa today – Heritage Day aka National Braai Day.

A braai is a BBQ with wood and no, we do NOT cook silly burgers … we do *real* VLEIS (meat) –
boerewors (a type of sausage), steak, chicken, chops and ribs ‘n stuff!

Sadly though, Cape Town’s weather is not playing ball today and I shall not be braaing 🙁

My feet are getting decidedly chilly

It’s WordCamp SA this weekend! Nah, I didn’t register – I wasn’t sure what was happening with Son#1 and all that. I’m still not 100% clear, but I do know that it’s their dad’s weekend this weekend, so I am officially off duty for 2 days =) Yeeehaaa!

So a couple of nights ago, I hear about a pre-WordCamp SA social meetup happening in Cape Town tomorrow night, involving drinks and a whole bunch of people I’ve “met” through this blog and through Twitter.

I’m thinking: “Hmmmmm … I’m free, I want to meet some new folk, why the hell not?”

I take the plunge and decide to let them all know I’m going too. I’m all: “YEAH BABY!!! I finally get to meet my Tweeple!!!”

And now?

Now I’m thinking: “Bloody hell woman, what are you DOING????!!!”

I mean, this is like nothing I’ve ever done before! Believe it or not, I have NEVER EVER been out on my own in my entire life!!

*minor freak out*

I’ve never met these people … mmk, apart from Cluckhoff and Max (very briefly!) … and I sooooo don’t do the mingling and small talk thang. YIKES! I’m getting some seriously cold feet here.

It’s going to take every last scrap of courage I can muster to get my ass to the meetup! But I REALLY want to do it, I really want to go along and meet all these amazing people who keep me company every day, all these brilliant minds that contribute to the success of the www in South Africa. I’m not kidding – these people are awesomely good at what they do!

Hoo boy … guys, if you’re going along tomorrow night, please keep an eye on the door for a chick looking around nervously and shaking in her stilettos!

*I can do this … I hope*

They got it wrong

All the weather forecasters who predicted that this weekend was going to be cold and miserable in Cape Town … in your eye!!

It’s the most beeooooootyful day in the Mother City =)

I stopped to take this snapshot of the back of Table Mountain and Devil’s Peak just now on my way back from dropping off last night’s movies.

Man, I just love living here!

One of the movies we watched was Death Proof. Have you seen it? It’s a Tarantino creation … LOVED IT!!

IMO, it’s the ultimate chick flick =) Not to deliberately put a spoiler out there or anything, but if you’ve ever harboured a secret desire to beat the crap out of some A-hole, then this one’s for you.

Anyways, I’m off again … have to take Son#1 out to get new school shoes. I may just pop into Look & Listen while I’m out and see if there are any new tunes out worth buying.

Later everyone xxx


Update: Thankfully Look & Listen were NOT playing Usher’s Here I Stand album today!!

Got some Tool, Disturbed, Peter Tosh and a pressie for my Dad =)