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Tick tock

Only TWO hours till we go off for our Christmas lunch and then we’re officially closed for 3 weeks!!!


OMG, I’m sooooo tired today. Again. Went to the tweetup at Alba Lounge in the V&A Waterfront last night to hook up with some tweeple and meet some Vaalies – @SnowgooseSA and @nickjackson – down on holiday. And it was a very cool evening! Thanks to @andrevr for keeping me in drinks hehe … next time, it’s my turn, don’t forget!? Who else was there? @obox, @stii, @FeistyFemale, @ChristopherM and Fe, @_enzo … Man, I love these tweetups – it’s just brilliant to see these guys that I interact with online every day In Real Life!

But I stayed up waaaay past my bed time, got home at about 11.30, found a rather sad looking little sausage roll in my fridge to eat and then crashed at 12.30. And I overslept. Again. Sheesh … I really don’t know why I even bother to set my alarm these days!

Anyway, here we are, just 2 hours away from HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!

Hoping I can make it through Christmas lunch without passing out and planting my face in my food or something …

I’ll catch you all later – it’s time to set up those beautiful things called Out Of Office Autoresponders.


The SheBee TweeParty

Cape Town Tweetup

Next Thursday, 27 November, the awesomeness of SheBee hits Cape Town! YAAAAAY!

So, to celebrate, we’re having another tweetup thingymabob at a rather funky looking place called Relish, in town. (Thanks again to Chris for the venue recommendation – I’m still a n00b at this sort of thing.)

I’ve booked a spot for us there from bout 7.30pm onwards … I know it’s a school night and all, but it would be splendiferous to see a whole bunch of you there 😀

I *do* need to kind of confirm numbers with them before the time, so PLEASE drop a comment here to let me know if you can make it or not.



We may have a teeny problem … Thursday is also the night of the Cape Town Geek Dinner, so the date for our tweetup may have to change but I think that SheBee has also made plans for the Friday and Saturday so I’m not sure what the final arrangements will be … sorry!

I’m just waiting to find out from our guest of honour what she wants to do … will update ASAP!