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Worst night ever

Pffft …

It all started off with my damn house alarm screaming at me non-stop from about midnight. Bloody hell … I was annoyed. Eventually I turned the thing off – I just HAD to get some sleep!

And then, at about 2am, just as I’d drifted off again, Son#1 came into my room to tell me that he was having an asthma attack!! He’d found 5 inhalers around the house but every single one of them was empty and he was REALLY struggling. Shit, I’ve never seen him that bad.

So I called my pharmacy, but they were closed. Aaaargh! The next thing I could think of was to call my Mom – she spent many years working in a pharmacy and knows just about every chemist in Cape Town. So she and I called a few more places, but no luck!! Can you believe that there isn’t a SINGLE 24 hour pharmacy in Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs?

Next plan – whip Son#1 off to the emergency room … my Mom (who lives just around the corner) came over to keep an eye on things while we were out. Son#2 was dead to the world, but I didn’t want to leave him alone, especially seeing as the alarm was not working!

Thanks you so so much for helping me out last night, Mom. And for this morning – coming through early to get the boys ready for school so I could sleep a bit. I’m REALLY sorry I woke you up at that insane hour … THANK YOU!

The hospital fixed up my boy within half an hour but dammit, the bastards wouldn’t let me in! Grrrr … So I sat alone, as patiently as I could, in their miserable little waiting room, in that horrible hospital stench. Blegh.

The reason for his attack? Smoking combined with stress.

And get this … this just about killed me, I’m distraught about it: the doctors told Son#1 that if he doesn’t stop smoking immediately, he will be dead before he is 30. That’s 13 years away …


I hope he takes their warning seriously. Yes, I feel like a hypocrite – I am a smoker myself BUT he is just one of those few people who simply CANNOT smoke. His poor lungs are dying already, his breathing is laboured all the time and he has a constant cough.

He has recently told me that he wants to quit, but he doesn’t know how … I’m the last person who can advise him – I have tried and failed so many times!

Anyway, he’s ok. For now …

Fried geckos

At long frigging last!! Miss Boats has managed to get hold of a company to come and sort out this ridiculous driveway gate saga … the damn thing was seriously cooked!!

Anyway, it turns out that the reason for all its nonsense – opening by itself, not opening, not closing, getting stuck, etc – was because there was a nest of geckos in the motor!! Shame, poor things. So we’ve chucked in a load of mothballs to keep them away and hopefully that will be the end of the gate crap! So there’s a tip for you – if your automatic gate is playing up, check for geckos (or ants!).

The same company is also sorting out the problem of the doorbell not ringing through to the office so I don’t have to keep answering it here in the house. At last … ringing doorbells or telephones and me do NOT get along well.

Speaking of  ringing telephones, I got a call on my cell last night. Normally I NEVER answer my phone (everyone knows to sms me if they want to get hold of me), especially if the number comes up as “private”. But something made me take that particular call. It was the clinic, telling me that Son#1 was having an asthma problem and could I please organize a pump for him!

So I’ve just been to drop off the pump and I also took in a bag of “eat treats” for him too – some fruit juice and biscuits and stuff. I thought I was trying my luck with that one, but they were fine with it and said they’d pass it on =)  They also told me that he’s doing ok!! They said he was looking comfortable, getting to know everyone and settling in really well. “And what a polite boy he is!” Hehe.

*grin*  So I’m feeling 1000% better after hearing that. YAAAY!!

Big bear hugs and sloppy wet kisses, my boy … xxx

On a another note, our website move that started yesterday is ALMOST sorted … hopefully the DNS transfer is over and done with pronto!

And what an absolutely STUNNING day it is in Cape Town today! Just gorjis …

Right, I’ve lost 2 days of regular work now so I’ve got tons to catch up on. I’d better get to it before Miss Boats fires me again =)

*cranks up iTunes … can’t actually decide what to listen to …guess it’ll be my old favourite – Jeff Buckley is ALWAYS a good choice, I reckon*