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What a boytjie!


Son#1 stands proudly
(read: highly embarrassed – Mom, HURRY UP and take the damn picture before someone SEES!)
in front of his matric art exhibition, for which he was awarded 3rd place and
received a brilliant A!

I’m so proud of you, my baby 😀


This is why they still print magazines

So I can make purty pictures 🙂

Son#1 is going to be the recipient of my first “art work” since I left school in 1988!

I am *almost* finished with his room – just need to get the curtain pole up, hang the curtains
and the Masterpiece above (!) and then I’ll take some after shots …

I’m a proud mommy

My son drew this … I’m really impressed!  It’s a charcoal drawing – that’s one medium I never really got the hang of myself, so I’m really proud of him – and he’s fairly new to it, so I think he’s done a great job.

(No, it’s not Sir G – he has much nicer arms and some lovely manly chest hair hehe)

I decided long ago that I would only have work done by family and friends hanging in the house and now, at last, I have a piece of family art for my very bare and boring walls – this will look great when it’s framed up. I do have another painting done by my youngest a few years ago that I love and have already had framed. I just need to actually hang it now!

That’s one piece from each of them … I guess it’s my turn next =)

Crazy food sculptures

Wow, these are really amazing! Jeesh … who thinks of this stuff?? Incredible.

You can click on each for a larger view.