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New music to look forward to

This is going to be a good month to buy music ­čÖé

Three of my favourite bands are churning out brand new albums. At long last … I’ve been dying for some decent new tunes to listen to.

Can’t wait!

Are there any other good albums coming out soon? Anyone know?

3 Doors Down

I am LOVING their new album!

The self titled 4th album by 3 Doors Down is a winner in my opinion. I’ve been a fan of theirs for a few years now and seeing them live at My Coke Fest last year was a huge treat for me. I have most of their stuff and I listen to it a lot so I was really excited to hear their latest album, which was released last month.

I wasn’t disappointed =) The opening track, “Train” is rocking! The final track “She Don’t Want The World” is hauntingly beautiful. As usual, Brad Arnold’s vocals are stunning.

The album is not exactly ground-breaking in any way, actually it’s quite “safe”, but it’s polished and easy to listen to. I enjoy their tempo, their powerful, brooding lyrics and their distinctive, rich Southern-rock sound.

“I guess I just got lost
being someone else.
I tried to kill the pain,
but nothing ever helped.
I left myself behind,
somewhere along the way
hoping to come back around
to find myself someday”

The album has received mixed reviews (not that I ever worry about anybody else’s opinion when it comes to music) but it has already reached #1 on the Billboard200 chart and will probably go platinum. To some fans of post-grunge alternative rock, this one may be a bit too mainstream – it does have a heavy pop influence (definitely “radio friendly”) and I don’t think it’ll attract many new fans – but to existing followers of the band, 3 Doors Down is a solid production and worth the long wait.

3 Doors Down Track Listing

  1. Train
  2. Citizen / Soldier
  3. It’s Not My Time
  4. Let Me Be Myself
  5. Pages
  6. It’s The Only One
  7. Give It To Me
  8. These Days
  9. Your Arms Feel
  10. Runaway
  11. When It’s Over
  12. She Don’t Want The World


Seether live in Cape Town

I’m really excited that Seether is coming to SA next month! They’ll be playing in Cape Town at the Grand West Arena on June 15, so I must go and sort out some tickets soon.

I’m looking forward to seeing their live show. They’ve been touring in the States with Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace, 2 of my FAVOURITE bands. We saw Sean Morgan┬áplay an acoustic set at Kirstenbosch Gardens in January this year and it was fantastic – rain and all! And I’m a big fan of their latest album, Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces, despite the common sentiment that it’s just a boring, “cookie-cutter” post-grunge product. Actually, the more I listen to it, the more I like it,┬áso I don’t really care about the bum reviews. Music is highly subjective anyway …

Last year, I splashed out and took Sir G and the boys up to Joburg to see Fall Out Boy, which was a lot of fun (apart from the fact that I was as sick as a dog and didn’t really enjoy all the little teeny boppers). This year, I’m relieved to be spared the great cost of flights and accommodation to go and watch a good concert. Apart from My Coke Fest, we don’t really get many internationally-renowned bands down here in the Cape and I’ve not heard much local music that appeals to me,┬áso I only get to go to 2 or 3 concerts a year and I love every minute of them =)

Seether is going to rock! Can’t wait …