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Quick update

Firstly, thanks to coda for pointing me towards Snarfer – looks like a great feed reader (I have been trying Google Reader today but I don’t like it) … AND thanks for letting me know that making people register on this site before they can comment is not cool! Sorry about that people – I really thought I had disabled that requirement.

Next, I have added an “About Me” page. I had previously published a post called 100 Things About Me, but I realise that it’s probably now buried way too deep for anyone to ever find. I know that I like to know a bit about the people behind the blogs that I read, so if you’re as nosy as me, then this is for you =)

And that’s it for now. Catch up with you all tomorrow …

Arb Quote: “Every time we open our mouths, people can look into our minds.”

100 Things about me

Just in case you’re interested, I thought I’d give you a sneak peak into my life. So here, in no particular order, are some random things about me:

  1. I hate being kept waiting. I think it’s just rude
  2. Don’t ever crunch an apple near me
  3. Never slurp your coffee/tea around me either
  4. I could never live without music
  5. Jeff Buckley is my favourite musician
  6. Wassily Kandinsky is my favourite artist
  7. I think in colour and patterns
  8. I went through a really shitty, shattering divorce recently
  9. I lost my feet a while back – I’m looking for them (I think they’re still here somewhere)
  10. Sometimes my mojo eludes me, along with my sense of humour
  11. I find it really hard to trust people
  12. I know three other women going through breakups and/or divorce at the moment – it breaks my heart and I wish I could do more to help them
  13. I love watching cricket, and soccer
  14. I currently drive a black Polo 1.6 and I love it
  15. It’s the first car I’ve bought and I’m proud of myself for doing that
  16. I’ve always been a loner, I just prefer my own company
  17. I am an Aries
  18. I have hazel eyes
  19. I’m a brunette and I colour my hair to make it even darker
  20. I have 2 teenage boys aged 14 and 17
  21. My youngest son’s laugh never fails to crack me up
  22. My eldest son’s talent never fails to amaze me
  23. I would die for them, no question, no hesitation
  24. I have my own business in the web industry – 8 years and still going strong
  25. My office is at home and I employ 5 people
  26. I suffer from extreme fatigue and constant migranes
  27. Most days, my back is on fire and I can hardly see straight
  28. I have very little patience
  29. I can be very moody
  30. I get bored ridiculously easily
  31. I read whenever I can find the time – currently working my way through all Marion Keys’ novels and short stories
  32. I believe in God but I don’t go to church
  33. My gran died in 1999 and I really miss her
  34. My grandfather was Dean of UCT Medical School
  35. I have an Xbox 360 and loads of games
  36. I suck at gaming, but I still have fun
  37. I can’t watch any movies with animals in, I just bawl
  38. I love knitting, but I can’t do anything too complicated
  39. I enjoy making beaded jewellery, but I haven’t done that for a while
  40. I live in Cape Town, South Africa, and I always have
  41. Summer is my favourite season, the sun energises me
  42. I could never survive in the UK, I’d go mental
  43. My dream holiday is to go on another cruise in the Caribbean
  44. I haven’t had a holiday for 4 years
  45. LOST is my favourite tv show
  46. I don’t drink very often but when I do, I normally have vodka orange
  47. I also enjoy beer and pina coladas
  48. I’m not happy with using someone else’s template – I want to design and build my own WordPress theme
  49. I have 4 dogs – all pavement specials
  50. I have 2 cats – both Burmese
  51. I have 2 half sisters – one in the States, one in Italy
  52. I stay in touch with them via Facebook
  53. I love Facebook – it’s allowed me to reconnect with the world
  54. I recently joined a gym – try to go at least 3 times a week and a personal trainer helps me
  55. I am a secret binge eater
  56. Grocery shopping is one of my pet hates
  57. Washing dishes and cleaning is another
  58. My house is normally in a mess
  59. Sometimes I stress that I can’t keep up with all the developments in the web industry
  60. I know I have to keep learning new skills but I never seem to have the time
  61. I hate telephones
  62. I’m 37 – sometimes I feel 17, sometimes I feel 77
  63. Enid Blyton’s “The Magic Faraway Tree” was my favourite book when I was little
  64. I use to have a phobia about driving – I only learnt when I was 24
  65. I don’t like fish but I’ll eat any shellfish with great gusto
  66. I can live without chocolate
  67. My dad lives in a caravan in Noordhoek – I miss him not being down the road anymore
  68. My mom lives down the road, and she works for me
  69. The shrieking kids next door irritate the crap out of me
  70. I have no desire to have any more children
  71. I don’t have a middle name
  72. I smoke Kent Menthol and I’ve tried to quit a few times
  73. I never smoked during my pregnancies
  74. I wish I was more creative
  75. I’m listening to Muse as I’m writing this
  76. No-one knows how to waste time quite like me
  77. I’m a procrastinating perfectionist – that’s a real problem sometimes
  78. I am very hard on myself
  79. I sometimes think I expect too much from other people
  80. I know I need to learn to be more accepting and forgiving
  81. I wear heels every day
  82. I have a “thing” for socks – I can’t resist a funky new pair
  83. I love my fireplace in winter
  84. I love my pool in summer
  85. I’d have a sea of fresh flowers around me every day if I could afford it
  86. I have no artwork on the walls in my house – I decided long ago that I would only put up things created by friends and family
  87. I want to paint again – to create art for the walls and to lose myself in the creative process
  88. I often dream about my teeth falling out or witnessing airplane crashes
  89. I wish I had a shower at home
  90. Sometimes I get too hung up on what people will think of me – it holds me back
  91. Back in the day, I trained as a chef and cooked for 2000 people at a time
  92. I now hate cooking
  93. A big house on the beach is my dream home
  94. I know that’s never going to happen
  95. I can be quite pessimistic
  96. But mostly I think I’m a realist
  97. Although I do occasionally have spontaneous sparks of blind optimism
  98. My eldest son thinks I’m “emo”
  99. I’ve been through a lot of crap and my view of life, people, and the world in general is pretty jaded
  100. I’m working on changing that