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I write for 20fourLabs

Well, well, well … yours truly has just written her very first article!

Yip –, a start-up research and development division within,  approached me last week and asked me to contribute to their blog by writing about entrepreneurship and building a great team.

And my first post has just gone live … Advice for budding entrepreneurs.

Online Experts Directory

20fourLabs, a start-up research and development division within, has recently published an Online Experts Directory:

The people who make the South African online industry the interesting and exciting place that it is…

There are some very special people on that list that I have only the greatest respect and admiration for so I’m really honoured to have been mentioned!

If you operate in the online space in South Africa, do yourself a favour and catch up with the informative and interesting 20fourLabs website and follow them on Twitter.