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Posted December 2nd, 2008 by justBcoz in Work
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TOTALLY HECTIC!! The end of year work rush is always insane … I knew this was coming *sigh* I just wish I had more time in the day – I’m really missing everyone on Twitter and not being able to write here as much as usual is a bit annoying. Oh yes, and there’s also [...]

Posted November 28th, 2008 by justBcoz in Work
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Hehe This feels wonderfully wierd … I’m sitting here working in my dining room and SheBee is right opposite me! Hah. Who woulda thunk? Shame, she came to Cape Town for a break and I’ve put her to work! I’m such a cow

Posted November 3rd, 2008 by justBcoz in Mumblings, Randomness
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Mmk, I’m going to try and ignore the fact that I got effall sleep last night and just look forward to a brand new phase of my life that starts today … New beginnings. New opportunities. New challenges. It’s all good “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.“ Have a [...]

Posted October 26th, 2008 by justBcoz in Life at Home, Work
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I have NO idea why I’m up this early on a Sunday! Anyway, I guess it’s not a bad thing – I have quite a mission on my hands today, what with sorting out some new office space for Chris and Sir G to work with me here in the dining room. I’ve run out [...]

Posted October 24th, 2008 by justBcoz in Work
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Yipeeeee!! 1 November sees a new addition to my ROCKING team … Christopher Mills! w00t w00t

Posted October 14th, 2008 by justBcoz in Personal
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Yes, it’s taken me while for me to get back in the saddle, so to speak, but I’m looking at my life from all angles at the moment ¬†and I’m thoroughly enjoying the way all the different fragments are combining in their shapes, sizes and colours and luminosity to form something that pleases me … [...]