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Posted November 18th, 2008 by justBcoz in Kids, Medical
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Pffft … It all started off with my damn house alarm screaming at me non-stop from about midnight. Bloody hell … I was annoyed. Eventually I turned the thing off – I just HAD to get some sleep! And then, at about 2am, just as I’d drifted off again, Son#1 came into my room to [...]

Posted October 16th, 2008 by justBcoz in Randomness
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FUCKfuuuuuckFUCKFUCKFUCKFuckingHellFUCKFUCKFUCKFARKfuckaduckFUCKFUCKFUCK fackadoofleFUCKFUCKFUCKfuckWHATtheFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKfarkingHellFUCKfuuuuuck FUCKFUCKFUCKFuckingHellFUCKFUCKFUCKFARKfuckaduckFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKfuuuuuck fuckaduckFUCKFUCKFUCKfackadoofleFUCKFUCKFUCKfuckWHATtheFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK farkingHellFUCKfuuuuuckFUCKFUCKFUCKFuckingHellFUCKFUCKFUCKFARKfuckaduckFUCK FUCKFUCKFUCKfuuuuuckFARKfuckaduckFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKfuuuuuckfuckaduckFUCKFUCK FUCKfackadoofleFUCKFUCKFUCKfuckWHATtheFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKfuckaduckFUCKFUCK FUCKFUCKfuuuuuckfuckaduckFUCKFUCKFUCKfackadoofleFUCKFUCKFUCKfuckWHATtheFUCK Mmk … feeling *somewhat* better. (No, this has nothing to do with today’s earlier post.) Shit, more kak to deal with!

Posted August 4th, 2008 by justBcoz in Personal
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Yesterday I spewed my emo self all over this screen and now I feel bad … I feel bad that I’ve upset my Dad and stressed him out Dad, I’m sorry. I so don’t want you to worry about me. If I’ve put a burden on your shoulders, please forgive me. I’m 37 years old, [...]

Posted July 12th, 2008 by justBcoz in Life at Home
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I think it’s safe to say that my life at the moment is an absolute shambles. I am busy updating my To Do List and so far I’ve filled up 2 A4 pages of (mostly personal) “stuff” I need to take care of … and I ain’t done yet! Why does the bloody thing only [...]

Posted June 26th, 2008 by justBcoz in Life at Home
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Oh dear … my driveway gate has been playing games recently – sometimes not opening properly, not closing, opening and closing on its own – funny stuff. Anyway, last night after work, Sir G was pulling out of the driveway and he opened the gate with the remote as per normal, or so he thought, [...]

Posted June 23rd, 2008 by justBcoz in Work
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Send valium …